5 relaxing ways to relieve stress

Source: Visit Estonia

5 relaxing ways to relieve stress

Estonia is a country half covered by forest, has 2222 islands, 5 national parks and can boast as one of the countries with the cleanest air not only in Europe but in the whole globe. The tap water is pure, much of the food is natural and unprocessed and they really know how to host a sauna party! Here's a rundown of the 5 most tranquil activities in the country.


While canoeing or boating along Estonia's rivers, you can peek into the surrounding forests, sandstone canyons and secret bogs. Those who enjoy being around water will enjoy what's known as 'the fifth season', a time in early spring when the river basins overflow, flooding the meadows and forests of the Soomaa National Park to create an almost otherworldly canoeing experience.


There's a certain time of the year when the forests come alive with those looking to collect its fruits. From July to October the mushrooms and berries are available in abundance, and the locals are always among the first to go and investigate. With comfortable clothes, a basket and a small knife you can experience the real pleasure of finding and picking your own wild foods.


In a country with such an abundance of natural beauty it's no surprise that camping is the favourite pursuit of many in Estonia. Many see camping as a chance to get the tents up and be at one with the wilderness, others wish to be out in the natural environment but with a few luxuries from home; Estonia has it all!

Bog Walking

Some say this is Estonia's ace card. There are many bog trails across Estonia with specially erected boardwalks just above the marshland. Passing through enchanting forests, the boardwalks take in a stunning vista of bogs and sparsely covered meadows, often covered with a light magical mist. These trails have such different personalities, some have museums, secluded villages and other are close to campsites. The most unique way to hike through Estonia's bogs is using snowshoes. Anyone who is capable of hiking is capable of snowshoe hiking.

Smoke sauna

The smoke sauna tradition is an important part of everyday life in Estonia. It comprises a rich set of traditions including the actual bathing customs, the skills of making bath whisks, building and repairing saunas, and smoking meat in the sauna. The sauna is a building or room heated by a stove covered with stones and with an elevated platform for sitting or lying. It has no chimney, and the smoke from burning wood circulates in the room.

Last updated : 22.04.2021