A beloved American TV journalist made a mini-series based on Estonia

Source: Harry Tiits, Visit Estonia

A beloved American TV journalist made a mini-series based on Estonia

In August, a distinguished US TV journalist, Dennis Wholey, came to Estonia to film, and the interview-based mini-series “This is America & the World: Estonia Today“ was just completed – each episode is followed by 300,000 people.

The reasons for travelling to Estonia as well as the activities of Estonians living in America were covered in the third episode of the series. In that episode, Justin Petrone, who has a direct and long-term experience of living in both America and Estonia, gives a long interview to Dennis Wholey about the characteristics and advantages of an Estonian way of living. Petrone points out that nature is not just one lifestyle choice in Estonia, but closely intertwined with the lives and essence of the people. He also emphasises the public safety and independence of children compared to America. When asked by the journalist, what “Estonian Way” means for him, Petrone answered like this: it is effective and well done, with a Zen attitude, without hurrying and without too much words.

However, the interview with Kristjan Järvi suggested by Visit Estonia turned out to be so exciting for the Americans that they decided to include it in the unplanned, fourth episode of the mini-series! Let us remind you that in 2018, Visit Estonia, in cooperation with the tourism associations, awarded the Estonian Tourism Ambassador title to the Järvi family. According to the statute of the award, it was intended to be given to people who, through their daily work, have increased the reputation of Estonia in the world and thereby significantly benefitted tourism. As the last example shows, the award does not only cover past events, but also takes into account the present.

Last updated : 08.11.2019