A virtual visit to Estonian nature

Source: Visit Estonia

A virtual visit to Estonian nature

When a visit to the supermarket becomes the highlight of your day, a trip to nature feels like a full-blown getaway. Whether you happen to be in Estonia right now, or just doing research online – here are our suggestions for the best nature experiences in Estonia.

Nature at your doorstep

Estonians flock to nature, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Photo by: Visit Estonia

Hiking trails in demand

 Estonian landmass is almost 51% forest with more than 2,000 kilometres of hiking trails at your disposal, including:

20% of Estonia's territory is taken up by national parks. This means that you are at all times roughly 15 kilometres away from the nearest bog at any given point. Estonia is also coastal, with 3,800 kilometres of coastline dotted with over 2,000 islands. Wildlife cameras are set up all across the country to stream the everyday lives of grey seals, birds, and bears that roam in Estonia. Please see below for links to specific cameras. If you'd like to learn more about Estonian nature, you can even take an online workshop offered by the Estonian Natural History Museum.

Never too far from the nearest bog

Photo by: Visit Estonia

Last updated : 11.01.2021

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