Business events of Visit Estonia in 2019

Source: Visit Estonia

Business events of Visit Estonia in 2019

Visit Estonia will continue marketing activities concerning Estonia during various business events in 2019 as well. We introduce the Estonian product offering to those tour operators who already have Estonian products in their portfolio as well as those who aren't selling trips to Estonia just yet, but might be interested in doing so. We use final consumer marketing to increase awareness of Estonia; however, important business decisions are made as a result of face-to-face meetings.

The schedule of business events organised by the Estonian Tourist Board has been compiled taking into account the main target markets of Estonia, feedback from the tourism sector in Estonia and experiences from previous events. Joint attendance helps keep everyone's expenses low and enables to meet, during a limited time period, with many buyers from a target market, whom an individual entrepreneur would have a hard time reaching on their own (and it would require a lot of financial resources). The schedule covers large trade fairs, roadshows in cities of important target markets, as well as various workshops meant for creating direct contacts. In addition to workshops organised by Visit Estonia, we will also participate in business events organised by tourism marketers from other countries. We will also be carrying out familiarisation trips in Estonia for tour operators from abroad.

Some of the important business events organised by the Estonian Tourist Board abroad in 2019 are aimed at increasing holiday tourism, others are directed at importing motivational events and conferences to Estonia. We will be introducing Estonia with entrepreneurs and destinations on neighbouring markets to tour operators working in the field of holiday tourism: in Moscow and St. Petersburg in April, in other big cities of Russia in the fall, in the UK in June, in Germany in October, in Helsinki at the Martin markkinat In November. The United States and Asia are focused upon among distant markets. We will be taking workshops to Chicago and Los Angeles mid-February; a roadshow will be organised in three Chinese cities in May and in three Japanese cities in June. In order to develop business tourism further, we will be organising a workshop in the Netherlands in February and one in Frankfurt in March. Significant events also include Baltic Connecting 2019, which a joint event organised by the three Baltic countries for tour operators of distant markets and which will be held in Riga this year in October.

When speaking of events organised by other organisations, we have always attended the most important regional trade fairs, where it is possible to attract the interest of both final consumers and tourism professionals. From these, the most noteworthy are perhaps MATKA in Finland, which is the largest trade fair of the Nordic countries, ITB in Germany and ITB in China, as well as business tourism trade fairs – IMEX in Frankfurt and IBTM in Barcelona. There are a lot of other similar events, for example the birdwatchers trade fair Birdfair, held in Ruthland in August, which is important in terms of the Estonian tourism offer.

Visit Estonia has 10 priority target markets: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Japan and China. These are the markets with the most potential for attracting both holiday and business tourists to Estonia. However, if a company is interested in and has already achieved great results on some other market, we are happy to provide assistance to the best of our abilities. We are always ready to share abundant visual, written and video materials, which can help attract interest towards Estonia as a travel destination among your potential business partners and visitors to Estonia.

Last updated : 12.02.2019