Best Estonian restaurants ranked by Silverspoon

Source: Silverspoon

Best Estonian restaurants ranked by Silverspoon

For foodies continually on the hunt for new tastes and experiences, Estonia is a treasure trove of restaurants with locally-sourced, gourmet fare. But with so many tempting choices, deciding where to make your dinner reservations can be quite a feat.

Check out the best restaurants 2019 in Estonia (by Silverspoon)!

The Oscars of Estonian cuisine

The Silverspoons are considered the highest gastronomy awards in Estonia. 

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Best restaurants in Estonia in 2019 by Silverspoon:

Additional awards

  • Best Chef – Kaido Metsa – restaurant Juur
  • Best Service - Mon Repos Peakoka Korrus
  • Best Vegetarian – 180° by Matthias Diether
Last updated : 03.01.2020

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