Best places to visit in Estonia based on your personality

Source: Visit Estonia

Best places to visit in Estonia based on your personality

Forget "one size fits all" - there's room for all those in Estonia who are after unique, high quality travel experiences. Explore all that is medieval about Estonia's capital city Tallinn, "stressbust" in its nature, or be among the first wave of gourmet travellers to taste the New Nordic Cuisine in the making.

For travel tips to match your personality type, find below the most suited answer to "When I travel, I love to..."

Indulge in food, leisurely walks, and a healthy level of procrastination

Destination: Tallinn

Cream of the crop of New Nordic Cuisine in Estonia, NOA boasts a Scandi-inspired interior and a million dollar view across Tallinn bay. The finest up and coming chefs experimenting with traditional techniques, salted fish and Estonian cheese are just some of the delicatessen to sample. 

For walks, there are a few highly instagrammable key sights on your journey: Head to Patkuli viewing platform for a view over the roofs of Kalamaja and Tallinn Harbour. Next, make your way to Kohtuotsa viewing platform and take in Tallinn Old Town in all its glory.

Explore all things weird & wonderful

Destination: North Estonia

You've seen it all - cobbled streets, clear skies and winding streams. It's hard to impress you, so let's dig deeper.

Telliskivi area is a 10-minute stroll away from Tallinn Old Town. Here you'll find heaps of street art, repurposed factory restaurants and clubs. Erinevate Tubade Klubi  is hidden on the top floor of one of the many buildings in the area. It's as if you were visiting someone's home in Estonia - you are given a pair of slippers to change into upon entry to the club.

Rummu Underwater Prison is by far the weirdest landmark to explore while in Estonia, receiving extensive international coverage from the likes of Bored Panda. Yet you can dive deeper - diving tours are regularly held from April to late September to this strange underwater museum of sorts.

Pamper the senses

Destination: South Estonia

Get ready to sweat out those long hours spent on a jam-packed commute train on the way to the office. Clear sky, subtle waves, sizzling rocks and the smell of fresh birch leaves will surely help you restore your senses. Estonian smoke sauna tradition is listed by UNESCO and can be fully enjoyed at Old Võromaa smoke sauna at Mooska.

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Last updated : 21.03.2018