Best self-guided tours this summer

Source: Renee Altrov, Visit Estonia

Best self-guided tours this summer

While all seasons are great for venturing across Estonia, the approaching summer is an especially good time to take off on your own. We have put together a collection of self-guided tours to use for inspiration. 

For nature wanderers

Self-guided nature tours in Estonia

Photo by: Magnus Heinments

While Estonia is best known for its medieval capital Tallinn, nature is where it's really at. Northern glaciers have made a mark on the local landscape, leaving behind huge boulders and a beautiful coastline dotted with over 2000 islands and islets. Today, half of the country is covered in forest, while national parks and numerous nature reserves make up another fifth of Estonia's land area. Wild animals including brown bears, wolves, and lynx roam local forests, and flocks of arctic birds pass through annually.

Lahemaa National Park

Lahemaa is a quick hop from Tallinn and is perfect for a day trip. The national park is known for its stony and sandy seashores, picturesque bogs, pine and cliff forests, as well as erratic rocks left over from the last Ice Age.

For traditional culture enthusiasts

Estonian traditional island culture

Photo by: Danel Rinaldo

Estonia is tiny in size but stretches far back in history, leaving the country dotted with pockets of ancient, traditional culture.

Kihnu island village

If you'd like to mix your nature holiday with a kick of local traditional culture, then head for Kihnu, the seventh largest island in Estonia inhabited by 700 villagers. The local clothing, language, music, and handicrafts are part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The most popular sight here is the local women riding motorbikes wearing Kihnu homespun striped skirts.

The Old Believers

The Old Believers first settled in Estonia in the mid-1600s, setting up base along the shores of Lake Peipsi, which flows between Russia and Estonia. The Peipus villages are located by a single main road, which runs along the lake and offers some excellent views.

More self-guided tour ideas

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