Breathtaking nature paths this winter

Source: Arne Ader, Visit Estonia

Breathtaking nature paths this winter

Winters in Estonia are long and dark, but that is exactly what makes the magic of the winter. You are most likely to catch some snow in January and February, which is when ice fields and ski centres are in full swing.

Skiing is something that Estonians are particularly good at, both casually and professionally. For a skiing holiday, check out Valgehobusemägi Centre. You can also take a ride across Europe's longest ice road to one of Estonia's many islands.

Snow covered winter wonderland

Foto: Karl Ander Adami, Visit Estonia

Winter is also a great time to go sightseeing in the nature — frozen waterfalls and bogs covered in snow are spectacles to behold. The plentiful cosy medieval spaces in towns such as Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Viljandi truly light up in the winter. Here you can order a glass of glog and a engage in a range of indoor activities to really take you back to the medieval heyday of the Hanseatic League.

Estonia is a true find for winter fans

Foto: Visit Estonia

Sled dog hike in eastern Estonia near Lake Peipus, is yet another wonderful way to experience the many faces of the local terrain. You can stop for a camp fire to rest, warm up and prepare food on fire. Taking out a kick sledge to a frozen bay is always a good way to get some exercise while marvelling the endless, snow-covered horizon.

Kayaking is just one of the many activities to try at Soomaa National Park

Photo by: Tõnu Tunnel

Soomaa National Park
is fantastic during any time of the year. This massive national park is a home to one of Europe's largest population of migratory birds. Soomaa is especially great for hiking and snowshoeing in the winter, with calm, frozen views across the park's rugged landscape.

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