Circular hiking trails in North Estonia

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Circular hiking trails in North Estonia

Circular hiking trails are every walker's dream. You don't need to worry about your return transport or walk back the same way to reach your car. In addition, completing a circuit exactly where you started has a charm no other trail can beat! Here is a selection of hiking trails in North Estonia that invite you to explore versatile environments, from forest trails and bog scenery to ancient coastal landscapes and lakeshores.

Nature trail in Harku forest

Harju maakond, Haabersti linnaosa

This 8 kilometre trail begins in the car park located on the north-east side of Harku forest along Tähetorni Street. It runs along forest paths and tracks and takes 3-5 hours to complete, provided with several rest sites and marked with signposts. There are 13 points of interest along the trail, which is ring-shaped meaning that you end your journey at the starting point. This also means you can complete it in sections depending on what you'd like to see. The trail showcases the group of dunes in Harku, different forest and marsh types, and Harku Manor along with the biodiverse manor park.

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Nature study trail in Pääsküla bog

Harju maakond, Tallinn

The 4-kilometre trail runs on the ground and on boardwalks through different forest types, over canals and springs. A 10-metre observation tower is located on the side of the pine forest, where it is also possible to take a rest. The trail is passable in every season without getting one’s feet wet. The 2-kilometre long trail for children and disabled people runs mainly on coated roads and is passable in full (along with platforms) with a pram and a wheelchair. Information stands introducing the nature of the bog have been mounted on both parts of the trail. Do not put up a tent or make a fire here. Take your garbage with you. If you want to pick berries and mushrooms, do so away from the bridges and trails, so that the next person on the trail could also see what the bog has to offer.

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Tädu nature study trail

Harju maakond, Randvere küla

It takes 1.5–2 hours to complete this 3.5-kilometre forest trail. The path starts at a little car park with an information stand and ends with a picnic site at the end of the trail. The trail is especially convenient to those travelling to the location by car, as the beginning and the end of the trail are in close proximity to each other.

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Kurtna hiking trail

Ida-Viru maakond, Konsu küla

The Kurtna hiking trail starts and ends at a parking lot with a campfire site near Lake Nõmme. A marked trail forms a part of the Kurtna Landscape Conservation Area and introduces a variety of plants, landscapes, and lakes. In total, the trail is 4.5–5.5 km long and along the way, you will pass 12 interesting locations and lakes. Rest areas and fireplace sites have been established along the trail, where you can swim if you wish. Interesting facts: Kurtna Lake District, located in Ida-Viru County, is the largest one in Estonia. 42 lakes are located on 30 km2. The nearby Alutaguse health and sports centre offers a variety of sporting possibilities (cycling and scooter paths, and skiing tracks).

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Kotka hiking trail

Ida-Viru maakond, Lõpe küla

The Kotka hiking trail showcases different types of bogs and other wetland features. It passes by a sand ridge that developed over thousands of years as a result of the retreat of Lake Peipus. The landscape's transition to marshland is sudden, providing an interesting contrast for hikers. Following the boardwalk, you will see various wetland features, from turfs and hollows to bog pools and small lakes. At the mid-point of the trail, you will find a cabin and a traditional Estonian structure, similar to a tepee, known as a ‘summer kitchen’. The trail begins in Iisaku and ends in Rüütli bog in the village of Alliku. It is 8 km long in total, but there is also a shorter, 1.5 km boardwalk in the Rüütli bog.

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Agusalu Bike Trail

Ida-Viru maakond, Iisaku alevik

The Agusalu Bike Trail is a track that runs along the Alutaguse National Park in Ida-Viru County. The total length of the trail is 38 km. The bike trail starts and ends at the Iisaku Nature Center and runs along the Iisaku-Varesmetsa-Imatu-Vaikla road, where there forest and gravel roads alternate. There are 26 points of interest on the marked trail with information boards that showcase the alternating landscape of Alutaguse with sand dunes, marshes and villages on and between them. An Agusalu campfire site is along the trail as well.

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Väätsa Nature Reserve hiking trail

Järva maakond, Vissuvere küla

Väätsa hiking trail, which is 3 km long, is located in the Väätsa Nature Reserve in Järva County. The purpose of the nature reserve is the protection of bogs, mires, and bog forests. The start of the hiking trail is marked with an information board. On Väätsa hiking trail, you can see a section of the ancient Paide-Tallinn winter road, which is well-preserved on the 1.2 km bog section. The average thickness of peat on the winter road is more than 3 m. During the 18th century, the bog pools in the middle of the bog were connected with ditches day to dampen the meadows in the upper course of the Lokuta River. The ditches are visible to this day. The area between the bog pools with a modified water regime is covered by a unique 100-year-old bog pine grove.

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Lake Valgejärv hiking trail

Harju maakond, Siimika küla

Lake Valgejärv hiking trail showcases the natural sights and nature conservation area around the lake of the same name in the western part of Nissi municipality in Harju County. Information stands and boards show how the lake formed, what shape it has assumed, and point out the different types of forests in the area. The trail is 6.5 km long and starts and ends at the State Forest Management Centre's recreational site on the shores of Lake Järveotsa. Did you know that the sights along the trail include Lake Valgejärv together with its bog, feeding areas for wild animals, a wolf's garden and natural springs?

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Metsanurme-Üksnurme history and nature study trail

Harju maakond, Metsanurme küla

The 9-kilometre nature and hiking trail marked with signs and information boards begins and ends at the Metsanurme Village Museum. There are maps of the trail in the mailbox attached to the information stand of the hiking trail building. The studies and findings of historians record the rich cultural heritage of the area. In addition, Metsanurme village and its vicinity are interesting for nature enthusiasts. The hiking trail has two recreation sites with natural roofs, picnic tables, and privies. The hiking trail is suitable for various shorter hikes as well; for these, we recommend the services of a local tour guide.

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Kakerdaja bog hiking trail

Järva maakond, Vetepere küla

This bog is one of the largest bogs in Kõrvemaa: about 1,000 hectares. The picturesque high bog with many bog pools is made unique thanks to the fact that the bog is located at two different heights. In spring and autumn, thousands of waterfowl stop in the bog pools. Lake Kakerdaja lies in the middle of the bog. The species-rich 2.6 ha Hiiesaare marsh island was probably an ancient place of shelter and sacrifice, and is located three-quarters of a kilometre east of Lake Kakerdaja. 4 kilometres of the nature trail is covered with a boardwalk. In 2020, reflectors were installed on the Kalajärve part of the Kakerdaja trail (3.4 km). We recommend bringing a flashlight.

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Velise nature and culture studies trail

Rapla maakond, Velise küla

On the trail you will find out about the cultural history of Velise. The trail covers a total distance of 70 km, but you can hike two sections measuring 30 km and 40 km. You will find more detailed descriptions of the trails here. Did you know…? *The trail is also suitable for cyclists and drivers *Maps of the trail can be found in Valgu, Nurtu, Konuvere and Velise and at Sillaotsa Farm Museum (where you can also obtain a brochure) *While here, why not take a look at John the Baptist Church in Velise too? *You can also visit the Velise community centre to admire the weaving craft in the Sulu village and its handicraft workshop

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Seljamäe study hiking trail

Lääne-Viru maakond, Suigu küla

The Seljamäe study hiking trail forms part of the Tudusoo nature reserve and is 5 km long. It starts and ends in the same place: the car park, pavilion and area for fires between the Punasoo and Järvesoo bogs. There are 7 points of interest along the trail plus a viewing tower where you can take in the sights of the surrounding countryside. You will see Seljamägi hill, pine forests, bog ponds and the Põdraallikad springs.

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Käsmu hiking and cycling track

Lääne-Viru maakond, Käsmu küla

The Käsmu hiking and cycling track is situated in Lahemaa National Park and is 14 km long. It starts by the local chapel and ends in the car park at the other end of the village. It does a circuit of the peninsula and is designed for those who love to spend a good deal of time in the natural environment.

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Oandu forest nature trail

Lääne-Viru maakond, Oandu küla

The Oandu forest nature trail is located in Oandu, Lahemaa National Park. It takes about two hours to complete the trail. There is always something to explore, learn, and discover in nature. The 4.7 km long trail introduces old coastal formations, native forests, various forest types, and traces of wildlife activities. There are different forests and bogs to see here.Good to know: - Start the hike with a visit to the exhibitions of the Oandu visitor centre. This way, you can get acquainted with the trail beforehand. - Test your knowledge on the trail in a playful way with the smart game 'Walking in the primeval forest'.

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