Coastal delicacies in Estonia

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Coastal delicacies in Estonia


Estonia is a land with a much longer water border that a land border. With its 3,800 km coastline, Estonia is practically an island itself. Well, island of islands, as Estonia's landmass is distributed between the mainland and its 2,222 islands. Dining by the coast is especially rewarding during the summer but Estonia's long coastline lures in visitors throughout the year. Don't be surprised to find gourmet chefs serving up local seafood during a visit to Estonia's many harbors and seaside towns. Here is a list of best coastal delicacies to consider.

A beach restaurant Tulivee with a unique architecture was opened in June 2017 at Liimala beach near Purtse Marina. Beautiful views of the sea can be enjoyed both from the terrace and the large windows. Tulivee's dishes which are made from local and seasonal raw materials are special because they combine local fish food traditions and Slavic nuances. During prohibition period forfeit spirit was transported from here to Finland. The custom-made roof of the restaurant resembles waves and is architecturally very spectacular.

About 30 minutes car travel from Tallinn you’ll find the outstanding fish restaurant Ruhe placed just by the ocean near Neeme harbour. The seaside fish restaurant offers dishes made from only the freshest fish and seafood in a peaceful environment and an exceptional view, cooked by inspiration from traditions in old fisher villages. Evely year, the food gets a more polished look and a purer and better taste. The restaurants has also guestrooms to spend the night.

Dirhami Fish Cafe can be summarized with the phrase ‘good tastes and the sea’. It is definitely for people who love fish as the menu focuses on local fish. Even though the cafe is located at a remote place, the journey there is completely worth it: the cafe is located on the beach, overlooking Osmussaar and the wonderful sunset. We also have a guest house so you can stay longer.

The small and cozy restaurant Hafen, located in the Kuressaare City harbour, welcomes both young and old guests from the land and the sea. The restaurant offers dishes made from local product and influenced by the cuisines of the world. The lovely view of the sea is calming and adds value to the wonderful meal.

Grand Holm Marina Restaurant, located in a harbor of the same name, is among the best in Haapsalu. Meals and drinks are worthy of the fascinating milieu. The menu has always featured delicious local fish. Paap Pihelgas, the barista of the restaurant, is one of the best baristas in Estonia, making cocktails from homemade ingredients and serving the best coffee!

Kalev Yacht Club Restaurant, is located in Tallinn, next to probably the most famous harbors in Estonia. Restaurant offers a special milieu and a fun service culture and is popular also among people who do not have strong ties to the sea. In the summer, you can enjoy the beautiful view from our large outdoor terrace.

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