Culinary route for quality conscious sweet tooths

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Culinary route for quality conscious sweet tooths

Estonian restaurant culture is thriving and has a plenty of easily accessible options from fine dining to unique treats of organic farms. Already a weekend getaway is quite an experience, but Estonia's atmospheric villages make you want to stay a little longer. Your mouth starts watering when planning this trip.

Oceanic ambience and quality wines

If your culinary route starts from Tallinn, home restaurant MerMer a little distance away in Kuusalu is the perfect starting point. Located in a small fisher village, the restaurant owner Jaan and his wife, chef Merritt serve local treats accompanyed by excellent French and Italian wines. Hummer the dog entertains the guests waiting for food. Remember to make the reservation in advance!


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Skottish flavors at the 2017 official culinary area

The roots of lake Peipus are rooted deep in history, and it was chosen as Estonia's official culinary area of 2017. One of the unique destinations of the area is Alatskivi Castle which offers both Estonian and Skottish flavors. The gorgeous, white castle is worth seeing.

Organic and seasonal, thanks!

Relaxed atmosphere with bold flavors can be found in Viljandi from Café Restaurant Fellin. Ingredients for its seasonal menu are produced locally, mostly in organic farming. The menu includes heavenly courses for vegetarians as well as Estonian craft beers and ciders.

Summer food

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For cider and wine lovers

A true gem is located close to Pärnu in Tori. At Tori Jõesuu Cider and Wine Farm, in addition to tasting the wonderful produce, you get to learn about the growing of apples and grapes, as well as enjoy delicious meals such as grilled fish and pies roasted in open fire.

Chef's table experience at a top restaurant

Manor Restaurant Alexander in Muhu has been chosen five times as the best restaurant in Estonia. It boasts a fine dining experience inspired by the surrounding archipelago. Reserve either a private table, or dine at a communal Chef's table. Remember to make the reservation in advance!

Roots village

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On the top of a 25-meter cliff

Next to a lighthouse in Paldiski, at a high cliff, is Pakri Parun, an atmospheric ending to the culinary route. The simple menu leans towards the Mediterranean. The location is unforgettable, and it catches both sunrise and sunset – stop at least for a cup of coffee or sparkling wine.

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