Destination Estonia ONLIVE presentation

Source: Visit Estonia

Destination Estonia ONLIVE presentation

Welcome to Destination Estonia Presentation page! Visit Estonia has wrapped up the live presentation, but this website is the place to stay tuned for recordings, Q&A and presentation materials. These were sent to everyone who signed up also to email.

Your virtual tour was brought to you by Visit Estonia B2B team members:

Agnia Nast, Project Manager of Trade Marketing for UK, France, USA, Japan, China;
Kristiina Talisainen
, Project Manager of Trade Marketing for the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy; email
Inger-Stina Palmet, Trade Marketing Specialist (FAM-trips); email

The video recording of the live event is HERE .
Presentation you can download from HERE.
The questions that you asked during the live, are answered HERE.
If you would like to leave us some feedback, you can do that HERE.
Stay updated about Estonia for tourism professionals HERE.

Last updated : 28.07.2020