Dining in Estonia’s railway stations

Source: Danel Rinaldo, Visit Estonia

Dining in Estonia’s railway stations

In November 2020, Estonian Railways celebrated its 150th anniversary. Throughout all this history, it has always been possible to fortify the body before a trip in both large and small railway stations across Estonia.

By now, most of these train station eateries have disappeared, but even today, it is possible to get off the train and dine in style. We invite you to discover unique restaurants with their own stories and flair located in or around Estonia's railway stations.

The grand old railway station in Tartu

Photo by: Visit Tartu


In the historical building of Tartu railway station, cosy café Wedur operates to the delight of visitors. Here the visitor will find the best coffee experience and a quick and delicious meal either on site or to-go. Cheerful service and unique interiors create provide your daily does of inspiration!

Central Estonia

At Vaksali Café in Türi, one can sense the atmosphere of the station building that is more than a century old. After a thorough renovation, its rooms have received a new lease of life. Here you can relax after enjoying a good meal.

A juicy burger from gourmet street food restaurant Uulits

Photo by: Marek Metslaid

Northern Estonia

Café-restaurant Kegel is located in Keila's old historic station building. Here you can eat a good breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as enjoy freshly baked cakes and other pastries. The fact that many of the dishes are grilled over an open fire adds to the appeal.

Uulits gourmet street food at Balti Jaam Market

Photo by: Marek Metslaid


Next to Tallinn Central Station you will find Balti Jaama Turg (Baltic Station Market), where part of the market offers street food from around the world. Uulits burger restaurant a pioneer in Estonian street gourmet located there. They make 'fast food' from fresh ingredients with flavours you're unlikely to forget.

Although there hasn't been a restaurant historically in Nõmme station, located in a suburb of Tallinn, things are different today. Nõmme station's restaurant Elsa is a stylish, old-school restaurant with white tablecloths and classic dishes. Their menu includes historic Estonian dishes as well as those from Germany and Russia.

Good food speaks for itself

Photo by: Mart Vares

Eastern Estonia

In the small village of Tudu in northeastern Estonia, the Jaama Inn is worth a visit. Although the railway no longer goes here, during the last century, there was a daily train connection thanks to the Sonda-Mustvee route. The restaurant is located in the historic warehouse building at the former Tudu station and is appreciated for its excellent food and cosy atmosphere.

The northeastern city of Tapa is known as an important railway hub in Estonia. In the middle of the city, opposite the historic train station building, there is the cosy Vaksali Trahter (Railway station tavern). The restaurant is characterised by modern Estonian cuisine, delicious dishes made from local ingredients and friendly service. It is a homely and lovely place to enjoy memorable flavours and a pleasant stay.

Last updated : 19.10.2022