Epic Estonian experiences

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Epic Estonian experiences

In 2015, we invited 97 Swedes to Estonia to discover what is truly epic about Estonia's quality of life and holidaying options. When it comes to travel tips, Swedes mainly tend to believe fellow Swedes, so we decided to let them do the job for us.

Scubadiving in Rummu underwater prison

Rummu underwater prison is among Estonia's best kept secrets. This once eerie prison house is now an amazingly popular destination for its unearthly landscape and a rough beach. Visitors can dive into the clear blue waters surrounding the industrial ruins during most seasons. As you can see from the video, visitor Aignars Fogts dived right in.

Hot air balloon ride in Kõue Manor

There's simply no equal to those colourful Estonian summer skies. Lift up on an hot air balloon and explore rural Estonia from the sky for that complete new point of view. What could be more romantic and uplifting than landing in the gardens of a 13th century manor, followed by a gourmet dinner and a night of luxury. Fanny Staaf enjoyed a lavish picnic above the green forests of central Estonia and took home an unforgettable memory.

Private concert in a bog

What is your most memorable concert experience? Perhaps an indie concert in an Estonian bog? Come and create beautiful and personal memories at Estonia's many summer music festivals. This private concert was enjoyed by Joel Valois.

Pop-up café in Hiiumaa island

Delicious food, cool locals and dancing - what more could you possibly ask from a trip to a magical rural island of Hiiumaa? Re-discover food and coffee at Hiiumaa Café Days and become a co-founder of your very own pop-up cafe. A nice cup of Hiiumaa's coffee was enjoyed by Per-Johan Kanberg.

Wakeboarding in Männiku Wakepark

In some places you can spend all day and still not feel as if you've done enough. Männiku Wakepark is one of these places. The summer sunshine, adrenaline and water - you get the gist of it. When in Sweden, look for Estonian wakeboarding tips from Hugo Rosas and Jonas Sjödell.

Learning how to play the violin on Kihnu island

Embrace the nature and pick up a new musical skill on the small, rural island of Kihnu known for its UNESCO listed traditional culture. Carina Persson spent time learning different instruments, explored the local culture and took part in a magical concert.

Seto Kingdom Day

Setos are an ethnic and linguistic minority living in an area covering southeastern Estonia and northwestern Russia. Renowned in the world for their impressive vocal heritage, Seto villages are great for exploring and the locally sourced food definitely worth a taste. Maria Gerda enjoyed the festivities with the villagers and witnessed the coronation of Setomaa's latest king.

Living as an apprentice in Põhjaka Manor restaurant

Ivar Grahn found gourmet chefs hiding deep in the forests of central Estonia. Here you can learn to cook with the chefs of Põhjaka Manor, restaurant known for its use of locally produced ingredients. Considered one of the TOP 10 restaurants in Estonia, Põhjaka boasts its very own herb garden and a chicken farm.

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