Estonia as a family attraction

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Estonia as a family attraction

What is Estonia? Estonia is a country 2.3 times bigger than Disneyland Paris and has 1.3 million habitants which is 10 times less than visitors in Disneyland Paris annually.

However, by number of museums per 100 000 inhabitants, Estonia ranks first in Europe! Estonia has 246 museums that are visited over 3.5 million times per year. The number of visitors for TOP attractions is up to 400 000 visits per year.

The population of Estonia is not enough to account for sufficient internal demand and the climate does not always enable the needed beach vacation neither, which is why one has to find various smart solutions indoors and in nature. Estonians are characterised by an independent mind – we seek bold solutions which is why around 100 attractions are being built with the support of national investment measures and many new and special attractions are about to be completed in the following years. Attractions are an important reason why to visit Estonia, again and again. For the most popular attractions, the percentage of foreign visitors is even more than 40% of all visitors!

During a weekend trip to Estonia you can experience magic nature, beautiful beaches, gourmet food and other exciting activities.

Good old and brand new attractions

Tallinn – the capital city of Estonia – is the best budget destination in 2018 according to Lonely Planet. For example a vacation at a luxurious hotel with spa, restaurant visits and activities is waiting for pretty low costs. Estonia is a popular destination that offers beautiful nature, gourmet food and festivals, of which the most epic is of course the Song and Dace Celebration

Tallinn Old Town, which is part of UNESCO world cultural heritage, is full of exciting museums and architecture. Kiek in de Kök Bastion Passages and the Sea Plane Harbour nearby are popular family attractions. In 2019, Super Skypark opened its doors to offer great fun in the biggest family entertainment centre in Estonia with its 6000 m2, and it has the biggest trampoline arena in Europe, a 10 meter climbing area with chutes and slides, science centre, 360 degrees 4D and interactive 7D cinema and 17 birthday rooms with a panorama view. In addition, one can enjoy the most unique ride in Europe on a Ferris wheel on the roof with a view of Tallinn from a height of 120 meters. The year 2019 will see the opening of the Maritime Museum Fat Margarete which is currently under renovation and the fantasy world VR attraction Revisiting the Future built inside of a 100-year-old submarine factory where it gives visitors a look inside the industrial revolution. 

As a great example of an Estonian, Arvo Pärt – the most performed living composer in the world – is one of the main reasons to visit Estonia and get to know him and his creation better. 25 km from Tallinn, Arvo Pärt Centre with a unique architecture that blends with nature was open in 2018.

Two of the biggest attractions in Southern Estonia are located in Tartu. The Estonian National Museum is a modern museum that introduces the history and culture of Estonia, and it received the Kenneth Hudson Award at the European Museum Forum of 2018. For years, the AHHAA Science Centre has been the favourite place to visit for both Estonians and our neighbours. But you will gain a completely unique experience in the Mooska smoke sauna that has found refuge in the UNESCO cultural heritage list and has also been depicted in the travel section of New York Times.

Built on the mountains formed of the byproduct ash from the production of shale oil, the one of a kind outdoor attraction Kiviõli Adventure park is located in Eastern Estonia. During wintertime, it’s a skiing centre. Nearby is located Estonian Mining Museum as well.

The only summerly outdoor theme park Lottemaa is located near Pärnu, a town in Western Estonia. Lottemaa sprang into being from Estonian cartoons about the mischievous puppy girl Lotte. Lottemaa is an exciting coastal theme park with colourful houses, home to warm-hearted and eccentric inventors.

Estonian nature – a sight of its own

In addition to attractions, Estonia has an abundance of national parks and nature tracks that are free for all, signposted and suitable for shorter hikes with the family as well.

The wild nature in Estonia is safe – there are no earthquakes, avalanches, rattle snakes or volcanoes. Clearly marked hiking trails lead to exciting places, are not too long or short and lead you back to where they started from. There is no need to bother with planning a route or fear getting lost. All you’re left with is the joy of discovery! Marked hiking trails can be found all over Estonia. It should not take over half an hour to reach one from any spot in the country. The hiking trails are easily accessible by car and there is a parking lot and a toilet at the start of each trail. It is wise to pack a lunch, as cafes in Estonian forests would be a strange and novel sight.


Eat gourmet at top restaurants

If there is a paradise for food interested and gourmet lovers, Estonia is the best choice of destination. Here you can enjoy gourmet food for generous prices. In the Estonian kitchen there are signs of Scandinavian, German and Russian flavors. The ingredients are almost always locally produced and chosen of the season that uses on new ways in exciting, innovatively dishes.

In restaurant with kids

Photo by: Mariann Liimal, Visit Estonia

Estonian cuisine is perfect for a child’s palate – our dishes are not overly complex and we prefer clean flavours. Most local dining spots provide activities for children, this may include reading materials, arts and crafts or a play area. In Estonia, children are always welcome at the dining table, no one will give you dirty looks for bringing your kids along to a restaurant.

And why not try special accommodation options as well?

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