Estonia is Lonely Planet's best value destination

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Estonia is Lonely Planet's best value destination

Estonia is Lonely Planet's best value destination in the world in 2016. The reason? Where do we start? From receiving more for your buck to being one of the greenest country on the globe, Estonia is largely yet to be discovered and a rare find for value-seeking traveller.

Lonely Planet's writer Tom Hall starts the article titled "Best value destinations for 2016" by stating:

"If you've just got off the ferry from Stockholm or Helsinki then Estonia can feel like the promised land. Why? That chunk of change in your pocket you've had since last leaving the eurozone will buy you a round of drinks."

Up and coming foodie destination

Deliciousness of Estonian food is something that many journalists and bloggers from all over the world have jointly agreed on. 

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Whatever your theme - nature, historical, modern 'n' hip - you are sure to find a lovely hotel or a guesthouse to get you in the holiday mood.

"...upsizing from a hostel to hotel might seem like a good – and affordable – idea. Best of all, what you get in exchange for your hard-earned cash is experiencing a gloriously distinctive slice of Europe, where Eastern and Nordic influences mix together."

Did you know that about half of Estonia's territory is covered with forests and natural landscapes? Being the size of Switzerland, 50% is indeed a large portion of land and in addition to national parks you will find UNESCO listed traditional lifestyle on Estonian islands and Setomaa

Reconnect with nature

In addition to hiking in the wilderness, there are also a range of fun & traditional activities to try out, such as smoke sauna.

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"Beyond the irresistible capital of Tallinn there are little-known Baltic islands and the seashore and forest delights of Lahemaa National Park, which holds the distinction of being the first national park in the old Soviet Union."

Estonia ranks as one of the greenest country in the world according to Environmental Performance Index published by Yale University in 2016. The report covers areas such as agriculture, forests, biodiversity, climate and energy, sanitation and water resources.

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