Estonian tourism companies are open and await visitors!

Source: Aron Urb, Visit Estonia

Estonian tourism companies are open and await visitors!

Estonian tourism companies — restaurants, accommodation facilities, spas, museums and attractions — are open and await visitors! The most important message to you is that it is safe to be in Estonia.

Both Estonian government and our citizens took the necessary precautions in order to stop the spread of the virus, thus achieving a situation in which only some single individuals have needed intensive care since mid-May and the number of people in hospitals due to the virus has remained less than 10 since mid-June. Hospital capacity is in no way affected by the virus and high-quality medical care is available in all areas of the country to both residents and visitors. According to OECD Sustainable Development Report 2020, Estonia ranks among the top countries in the world in terms of epidemic control index.

Tourism companies, as well as other service providers (such as beauty salons and stores), are following the safety measures set by the government and the recommendations of the Estonian Health Board. Careful consideration was given and consultations held with scientists before restrictions were lifted, and they were not lifted all at once, but instead little by little. Thanks to these decisions, the progress we have made has encountered no state or region-wide setbacks. Reintroduction of tougher measures haven't taken place in any sector.

The most important measure introduced by the government is that of keeping sensible social distance between people, which partially places responsibility on individuals and sets focus on their actions and attitudes.

Wearing masks is not mandatory in Estonia, but it is recommended if you are in contact with other people outdoors or indoors for longer periods of time and/or if you belong to a risk group. Masks are available for purchase from any pharmacy. As front-line workers, cashiers now tend to have protective screens and occasionally also wear masks.

Providing hand-sanitizing stations is a priority in Estonia. Disinfectants are available to all customers in stores, in hotel lobbies, at attractions and events and so on. Estonian Tourist Board is supplying almost 200 main service providers and transportation hubs with branded disinfection stations ‘Visit Estonia the safest way’.

In addition, service providers are also following the guidelines set by the Estonian Health Board about the way, in which rooms and surfaces should be cleaned, and how often this should take place as well as guidelines concerning employees' health. Estonian Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Health Board, has trained tourism entrepreneurs on the topic of health requirements.

There is no specific ban on travelling for groups. However, possible restrictions on the consumption of services should be taken into account — the main requirement being the rule of dispersion in public places. Therefore, in some cases, there may be restrictions on the number of simultaneous visitors at tourist attractions. For example, the requirement not to exceed 50% visitor capacity has been imposed on spas. The website will update you on any restrictions.

Last but not least, this situation is new to us all. Different service providers in different countries ensure safety in different ways. Clients also differ in terms of whether they belong to a risk group due to their illnesses or age and depending on their personal fear of falling ill. Not even the most diligent service provider can hope to foresee all of the expectations and problems a client may have in these extraordinary circumstances. Please let them know if you have any doubts or questions. Good will and mutual understanding will help us overcome this difficult situation and allow us to enjoy the real world again, not just the virtual, while gaining new experiences by travelling.

We are sure that the importance of freedom, face-to-face communication and movement will be translated into the language of hospitality in all European countries where restrictions have been lifted.

Welcome (back)! We have been waiting to see you!

Liina Maria Lepik — Director, Estonian Tourist Board
Mariann Lugus — Secretary General, Estonian Travel and Tourism Association
Maarika Liivamagi — Managing Director, Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association
Kadri Karu — Managing Director, Estonian Convention Bureau
Aire Toffer — CEO, Estonian Spa Association
Raili Mengel — CEO, Estonian Rural Tourism Organisation
Hanno Kross — Member of the Board, Estonian Golf Course Owners Association
Andres Juur — Founder Member, The Union of Estonian Major Tourist Attractions

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Last updated : 10.08.2020