European choir festival EUROPA CANTAT comes to Estonia

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European choir festival EUROPA CANTAT comes to Estonia

In 2018, Tallinn has the honour of being the first Baltic city to organise the festival EUROPA CANTAT initiated by the European Choral Association. EUROPA CANTAT is one of the most important meeting grounds of the choral world, which is held every three years in a different European city. This year's festival will take place from 27 July to 5 August in Tallinn.

It is the 20th time that this unique musical event brings together over 3,000 singers, conductors, composers and choral enthusiasts from all over the world for ten days. The motto of this year's festival is "A Million Ways to Sing", which tells a tale of how each Estonian is connected to singing – from rocking children to sleep to singing the nation free from the Soviet Union. Inspired by this, the festival uses concerts, workshops and other similar activities to exhibit the diversity of singing together and how choral singing is something more than just a concert.

Europa Cantat Junior 2011

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The festival will hold 31 workshops, which will be supervised by world's leading choral conductors, including Bob Chilcott (United Kingdom), Daniel Reuss (Netherlands) and Tõnu Kaljuste, and will conclude with concerts held in various concert halls in Tallinn. Workshops showcase baroque and modern music, as well as folk music of various countries, jazz and pop music.

Everyone who is interested is welcome to attend the nearly one hundred concerts held all over Estonia. The opening ceremony of the festival will take place on 29 July at the Freedom Square where also the world-famous vocal ensemble The Swingles will perform, and the "Happy Birthday, Estonia!" concert, which is the festival's gift for Estonia's 100th anniversary, will be held on 3 August at Tallinn's Song Festival Grounds. Moreover, there will be a Night of Choirs (KooriÖÖ) held in the courtyards of the old town, a promenade concert at Tallinn Creative Hub, and choral concerts held at various locations in Estonia.

Come and be part of the most awesome choir party in Europe – EUROPA CANTAT offers something for everyone!

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