Everything under the sun in Estonia

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Everything under the sun in Estonia


The season of ‘White Nights’ in Estonia welcomes in the long summer months of glorious Estonian sunshine and offers everything from wilderness walk and magical music to foodie excursions and wildlife tours. Whether travelers are looking for a road-trip, a beach holiday, island hopping, bustling cities, cultural richness or a world-class foodie scene - Estonia has something for everyone.

Out into nature, the best remedy for stress

Getting away from the chaos and buzz of the city, far from the madding crowd and into the depths of nature is proven to have significant positive effects on your health. And the country has plenty of that to offer. Estonia is one of the greenest countries in the world as about 50% of Estonia's territory is covered with forest and has five very different national parks. With over 3,700 km of Baltic coastline and several brilliantly clear lakes, Estonia has plenty of beaches to explore this summer. As for active holiday - hiking, camping, canoeing, biking - whatever your activity of choice, Estonia’s nature trails will take you through national parks, forests, bogs and along the sea. The stress level drops to zero, the immune system is happy, and you feel more relaxed all by itself.

For some peace and quiet, accompanied with some romance – take a walk on the Romantic Coastline in Estonia. From juniper fields to deserted sandy beaches, from islands to coastal villages to bog areas, there is a lot to experience over 250 kilometers. Movie nights, open air concerts or guided hikes and festivals, where everything revolves around food, ensure unforgettable hours.

Encounters of a special kind

At a time when it is important to keep your distance from other people, encounters with animals are even more important. Through the past quiet months, Estonia's nature has rested, and the flora and fauna is on the rise. For example, dolphins were sighted off Tallinn's coast in early June and the gray seal populations are also recovering rapidly.

Bears, wolves and of course birds can also be found in Estonia and can be observed as part of special nature trips.

Love goes through the stomach: Foodie paradise Estonia

The enticing, seasonal dishes prepared by internationally recognized chefs might be what draw you in to finest restaurants in Tallinn, but the stunning views and carefully styled interiors are what create a dining experience that lingers. The extraordinary locations range from a 15th century building to a 30th floor penthouse and many of them are included in the White Guide Nordic, a list of the region’s best restaurants. Almost all restaurants and cafes have reopened and invite you to relax with a generous sun terrace.

Alternative accommodations: A house for me alone

From hotels to farms, rest assure that all is done to make your holiday as pleasant and green as possible when staying in Estonian accommodation establishments. The accommodations are characterized by charming individuality, personality and character and can be found all over the country. The houses are often equipped with special features such as a sauna, their own jetty, direct access to the water or a large garden. Ideal to experience Estonia like a local.

Estonia would not be the natural paradise that it is if sustainability were not a central issue. Numerous accommodations are dedicated to "green tourism". How about a vacation on the farm or in a wooden log house?

Camping enthusiasts will also be happy in Estonia because the country has an excellent infrastructure for campers and a number of wonderful campsites at the most beautiful spots in the country. Even wild camping is still allowed in some places.

On the other hand, if you prefer something a little more comfortable, rent one of the countries finest manor houses..

The white nights: Estonia without a break

The months between May and July, known as the White Nights, are the best time to travel to Estonia with their endless summer days when darkness has no chance. If you want to turn night into day, you can experience a lot. The diverse offerings range from a hike to sunrise in the moor, a safari in the quarry and a visit to a typical smoke sauna.

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