Greetings from Estonia

Source: Kaupo Kalda

Greetings from Estonia

Dear partners and new friends of Estonia,

It was a great pleasure to meet you at the Icelandair Mid-Atlantic workshop. Thank you for stopping at tour table, and showing interest in Estonia and what it has to offer. You can find the presentation used at the event here (downloadable PPT file, size 75,6 MB). 

I hope you enjoyed our meeting, learned something new and maybe even started to plan your visit to Estonia already. Don't worry if you cannot make it right away, we will be patiently waiting.

Still, as one of our main attractions are distinctive seasons, I warmly recommend to pay a visit already this winter. Come and experience the real Nordic winter by sailing on ice, driving on ice roads, or taking part in one of many other winter adventures. If all that sounds a little too chilly, you can always stay indoors to discover our vivid cultural landscape or enjoy Estonian world class cuisine.  

Come and let Estonia feed your imagination!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Warm regards,
Annely Alteberg
Head of Trade Marketing

Last updated : 08.02.2017