Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival – the best in the Baltics

Source: Visit Estonia, HÕFF

Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival – the best in the Baltics

The Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (HÕFF) is a genre film marathon that takes over the Estonian mud capital Haapsalu. The festival, which brings in a slew of international film aficionados and fills the entire town of Haapsalu with lively events, has a real treat for film fans who long for thrilling cinema experiences.

The festival brings a selection of fresh horror and fantasy films from Estonia and its neighbouring countries to the cinema audiences, as well as cult classics and cinematic masterpieces from across the world. The programme of HÕFF steers clear of mainstream Hollywood horror and fantasy films, focusing instead on independent and art-house genre films that one is unlikely to come across in Estonian cinemas.

HÕFF is the only horror and fantasy film festival in the Baltics; it is also a member of the Méliès organization, which unites the very best genre film festivals in Europe. During its 14-year history, HÕFF has premiered numerous films and been visited by a lot of famous filmmakers. HÕFF has grown into a unique and internationally acclaimed film festival, which has been praised for its charming atmosphere and strong programme.

This year's festival returns to the 4-day schedule, 25–28 April, as opposed to the shorter duration over the past few years. The events begin with a grand parade of zombies limping and creeping through the city of Haapsalu; the red carpet is rolled out at the local culture centre. This year's festival delights people with brand new Estonian horror films, a chance to play horror film themed video games, and an exhibit of retro film posters. Festival passports at a special price (39 euros) will be on sale as of 1 February. The entire festival programme will be announced on 5 February.

Last updated : 22.04.2021