Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival

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Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival

The time is ripe to announce: we here in Haapsalu have an impressive musical story to tell!

Once upon a time when Pyotr Tchaikovsky spent an ordinary summer vacation with his fellow compatriots in the Haapsalu resort, no one realised to attribute a special importance to it. It was, after all, quite ordinary for the Russian and especially the upper crust of St. Petersburg to spend their summer holidays in Estonian resorts. Today, we are used to seeing Tchaikovsky's Bench in the Haapsalu Promenade, we are proud of the Estonian folk melody that sounds in the famous Sixth Symphony — we take it all for granted. Hopefully, the classical music summer event Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival will become as natural.

Moscow Novaja Opera

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The first festival is before you: come and listen to the classical concerts by the leading Russian theatre Moscow Novaja Opera in the Haapsalu Castle Yard, experience the chamber concerts, the thematic walks in Tchaikovsky's paths, the children's concerts and, of course, the Estonian National Ballet's grand open air performance "Swans" on the lake Väike Viik in Haapsalu.


Photo by: Visit Estonia

Haapsalu and Tchaikovsky go together like the sea and the wind!

Last updated : 11.05.2018

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