Healing springs and bewitching wells

Source: Danel Rinaldo

Healing springs and bewitching wells

Estonia has thousands of large springs, pouring out litres of groundwater in a second, cleansed in the depths of Earth's crust for decades. Even today most Estonians quench their thirst with drinking water sourced from local springs.

Springs in North Estonia are particularly pleasing to the eye: clear blue water dotted with rocks painted white by the limestone ground. South Estonian springs on the other hand have high iron content and may have strong colour and taste of rust. Some of the springs are known for their healing properties, confirmed by medical scientists. Healing springs are found around Häädemeeste in Pärnu County and nearby Kuressaare on Saaremaa island. An old Estonian wisdom recommends to scrape off the silver of a coin and rinse your eyes in the water.

Springs around Pandivere uplands

The springs around Pandivere uplands are located in centre and northeastern parts of Estonia. Most well know of these are Äntu lakes. The eight metre deep Sinijärv boasts bright, clear greenish blue tone, well suited in its serene forest surroundings.

Norra manor house in central Estonia is surrounded by large spring lakes called Norra springs. One kilometer away you will find another crystal clear spring lake, known as Oostriku spring lake, dotted with large rocks.

At 4.8 meters in depth, Sopa spring is Estonia's deepest spring, hiding decades and even centuries old tree trunks well preserved in the limestone spring water.

Tuhala witch's well

Estonia's perhaps most well known well is located in Tuhala kars area. Known as Tuhala witch's well, it is known to boil over from time to time, attracting local media and people to witness the bewitching spectacle.

Old tales of springs

Ancient Estonians celebrated many springs, rocks and trees that are still visible today. According to old folk tales, these are the places where Estonians sacrificed and prayed. They believed that some springs such as Laiuse springs, had the ability to change the weather. You were expected to clean the spring when the nearby fields were suffering drought. In the case of opposite happening, you were expected to cover the spring.

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Last updated : 16.04.2019