Highest viewing platforms in Estonia

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Highest viewing platforms in Estonia

Getting to the top of the tower means getting to see a spectacular view and these towers won't let you down. Each of them is at least 20 meters up, so the view is something to remember and share. Come see Estonia from top to bottom and enjoy a beautiful view of the hills and valleys, lakes, and forests.

Harimägi and Harimäe Observation Tower

Valga maakond, Mäeküla

Harimägi is one of the largest mesas in the Otepää Uplands (211 m above sea level). It is worth coming to Harimäe whenever you are near Otepää. The Harimäe Observation Tower is located 3 km from Kääriku in the direction of Sangaste. The height of the tower is 28 m, the highest viewing platform is 24 m high. The tower offers views of the Otepää mountains and across the Väike Emajõgi valley to the Karula upland. Camping is also allowed at the tower. Good to know: Harimägi is also called 'Leenard and Leonhard's hill.' From 1816 to 1819, geodetic surveys were carried out here by the internationally recognised astronomer and surveyor Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struwe (1793–1864).

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Iisaku hill nature reserve and viewing tower

Ida-Viru maakond, Iisaku alevik

Tärivere hill – the highest natural point in Ida-Viru County – is home to the Iisaku viewing tower, which is 28 metres high. Situated 122 metres above sea level, it provides stunning views over the Alataguse forests, and in clear weather you can see as far as the domes of the Kuremäe convent and Lake Peipus.

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Rõuge watchtower "Pesapuu"

Võru maakond, Tindi küla

The Pesapuu watchtower is 30 meters high (the top observation platform is 27 meters from the ground) and it resembles a tree with two bird nests.  The architect Karmo Tõra was the original author of the idea. The watchtower is eye-catching during both the day and the night. In the evening, lights of different colours are turned on to shed light on the so-called bird nests or observation platforms and the so-called golden egg on the top of the tower. Tourists that reach the top are offered picturesque views of the Nightingale Valley and the rest of Võru County. Pesapuu is opened around the clock.

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Tellingumäe viewing tower and recreational area

Valga maakond, Tsirgumäe küla

The 28-metre Tellingumäe viewing tower offers spectacular views over the meadows along the Mustjõe River. Nearby, this river joins the Koiva (Gauja in Latvian), which forms a 22-kilometre stretch of the border between the two countries. The hillside recreation area has two campfire sites, a wooden barn with an attic, a canopy table, a swing, and a DC. Camping is also allowed. At the foot of Tellingumäe, you can join an 18 km cycling trail or 2 km hiking trail around the hill. Here, you can also join the 60 km Old Livonia heritage culture trail, which follows the course of the Koiva River in Estonia and Latvia.

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Valgehobusemägi observation tower

Järva maakond, Mägede küla

The observation tower is located at Valgehobusemägi, Mägede village, Järva County, next to the local ski and recreation centre. The tower is 25 metres high. In 2017, lights were installed on the observation tower, which make it a dazzling sight in the evening. The colourful LED lights are especially effective when it is dark outside. Interesting to know: the absolute height of Valgehobusemägi hill is 106.9 metres and the relative height is 42 meters, making it the highest peak in Kõrvemaa. The towers of four nearby churches can be seen from the tower. It is also possible to see the Tallinn Television Tower, Iru chimneys, and more.

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Observation tower on Suur Munamägi

Võru maakond, Haanja küla

Observation tower on Suur Munamägi in temporarily opened. Suur Munamägi, 318 metres from the sea level, is the highest point of the Baltics. The Observation tower on Suur Munamägi provides its visitors with a splendid 50 km range view of the Estonian nature. The current tower, the sixth in line, was constructed in 1939, and reconstructed in 1969. A total of 29.1 metres in height, it was renovated once more in 2005 and an elevator was built into the back of the tower. Interesting facts: A person standing on top of the tower is standing 346.7 metres above the sea level. First tower was built in 1812.The height of Suur Munamägi makes it one of the most important national symbols of Estonia.  

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Emumägi hill and observation tower

Lääne-Viru maakond, Emumäe küla

Emumägi hill is the highest point in the Pandivere uplands and northern Estonia. There is a 21.5-metre wooden observation tower on Emumägi hill. You have to pay to visit the landscape park, which is managed by the Väike-Maarja rural municipality. In addition to the observation tower, Emumägi is also home to an alley of tree statues of cultural societies, a wooden hut, a sunrise house, an old cemetery, the ‘Kersna bench’, and camping and picnic areas. Emumägi hill is 166.5 metres above sea level and 80 metres from foot to peak. According to legend, the hill was formed from earth dug out of the Peetla bog by the horse ridden by Kalevipoeg, the hero of the Estonian epic. Outside the opening hours, you can visit the observation tower at your own risk.

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Siin on turvaline

Kekkonen hiking track

Valga maakond, Kääriku küla

The Kekkonen hiking track can be used all year round – in summer for hiking, jogging and cycling and in winter for skiing. The track was named after former Finnish president Urho Kaleva Kekkonen, who visited Kääriku. The 15 km track starts from Kääriku stadium and passes through several spots of natural beauty, including Harimägi Hill – one of the highest points in the Otepää Highlands (211.3 m above sea level). Its viewing tower, which stands 26 metres high, is right next to the hiking track. Those with more energy can follow the additional 5 km loop on Harimägi Hill.

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Viewing platform of Tehvandi ski-jump hill

Valga maakond, Nüpli küla

The viewing platform of the Tehvandi ski-jump hill is a unique tourist and sports site in the Nordic countries – you can go on a platform that is 34 m high and watch ski-jumpers train or compete. You can get to the top of the hill by stairs or lift. The height of the viewing platform in the Tehvandi K90 ski-jump hill complex is 218 metres above sea level. It is the second-highest observation tower in Southern Estonia after the viewing tower on Suur Munamägi Hill. Come and enjoy the panoramic views of the Otepää Highlands!

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