Hiiumaa — a laid back island getaway

Source: Marek Metslaid, Visit Estonia

Hiiumaa — a laid back island getaway

 We often hear about Saaremaa, the largest island in Estonia, but what's cooking on Estonia's second largest island Hiiumaa? Bloggers Alina & Jekabs Andrusaitis from Reverie Chaser recently embarked on a trip to this quaint, rural island with Swedish roots. A home to about 6000 permanent islanders, Hiiumaa is a spa and nature getaway off the beaten track.

For starters, you need to plan your trip ahead by checking ferry schedules. A one-way trip to the island by car ferry costs €16.80 for two adults and a car.* Missing ferry off-season is not a good idea, as they only go once every three hours, and between Hiiumaa and Saaremaa only twice a day. 

Meadows where a really thin layer of soil is settled above limestone.

Photo by: Marek Metslaid

For a more personalised touch, the bloggers recommend opting for a local Huusi Sauna House!

"The owners, Kristina and Reino show us around, and we are especially impressed by the private bathtub and sauna, all to be enjoyed on our own with no other visitors. You can even book a massage or mani-pedi here!"

Hiiumaa is well known for its scenic lighthouses, including the locally famous Kõpu and Tahkuna , and is a preferred destination for kite surfers. Lighthouses also make for great landmarks when drawing out a map for the day. Hosts at Huusi can give you great tips for active ways to explore the island and even provide kite surfing training. 

Kõpu lighthouse

"Kõpu is the third oldest continuously running lighthouse in the world and is the main symbol of Hiiumaa! As the lighthouse is at the top of a hill, the lighthouse bulb is at 102.6 m, and is the highest around Baltic sea."

Photo by: Jarek Jõepera

"...pick up Douglas Well's book "Lighthouse tour", which has all the needed information to have a self-guided tour of the island! Visiting the tourism center is a good opportunity to learn more about the place and find out interesting information tidbits. Turns out that Hiiumaa is the new "it" in Estonia, as many people are starting to move there!"

Food is yet another important part of the island life not to be overlooked. Seafood lovers especially should make note of Hõbekala Guesthouse.

"The fish was caught the previous day by the owners husband, who is a fisherman! Apart from the guesthouse the owners also ave their own small production line of marinated herring!"

Freshly caught and prepared fish

"The fish was so good that when we opened the jar at home, we regretted not having bought more of it."

Photo by: Renee Altrov

To experience Reverie Chaser's journey and view the stunning imagery of Hiiumaa's military history, beaches, brewery and sunrises, read the full article "The Nordic nature and spa on Hiiumaa island, Estonia"

Last updated : 22.04.2021

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