How digital Estonia tackles the effects of Covid-19

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How digital Estonia tackles the effects of Covid-19

While the world has practiced working from home en masse since last week, Estonia with 99% of its public services already digitised, was already prepared for the shift to working from home.

100% of Estonian schools were already using e-solutions prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. With the added pressure on the healthcare system, digital health records and e-prescription mean that patients do not need to physically see their doctors in order to refill a prescription, limiting unnecessary contact between healthcare workers and patients.

"I'm constantly impressed by Estonia."

Forbes contributor Robert C. Wolcott writes about Estonia's journey to becoming the world's leading digital society, and how the local startup community came to the nation's rescue in times of potential economic hardship.

In addition to the impact on public health, Covid-19 has had the most devastating effects on the economy. A number of countries have already postponed the tax season, Estonia included. In addition to that, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund has proposed to cover 70% of employees' original wages of those businesses that are suffering losses due to the country-wide social distancing and self-isolation measures in place to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Estonian startup community faces the economic shift head-on

Share Force One team

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Furthermore, a number of major steps are already in action to tackle the effects of Covid-19 outbreak in Estonia. While the flagships of the Estonian startup scene, such as Pipedrive, Xolo and Scoro, have been offering digitised sales, customer service, and business management services to companies all over the world way before the shift, a number of new startups are born as we speak. Estonia's world-famous startup community jumped on the challenge immediately by holding a hackathon that gave birth to Share Force One – a platform connecting companies whose employees are out of work with companies in need of additional workforce. 

Last updated : 15.04.2020