How to have a spa break on the budget?

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How to have a spa break on the budget?

It might seem like having a spa holiday is always going to take a big toll on your budget. But in reality, once the spa season begins, many spa centres and hotels give out more affordable and even budget friendly offers starting from a very low price point. Here are a few tips how to have a fabulous spa break on a budget!

Wait for the spa season to start

Right when the summer ends and autumn arrives it is the time when the real spa season takes off. If you are looking to catch the best offers, including some really budget friendly ones – wait patiently. In Estonia spa season kicks off on 1st November. This is the time most of the hotels offer great deals for every taste and budget.

Book the special offer package

Quite often booking a spa package might be a lot cheaper than separately booking a hotel room, paying for breakfast at the hotel, paying for pool time and spa time. Actually most hotels an spa centres will offer you really budget friendly packages that within a range of 50 to 100 EUR will offer two-people package that include one or two night stay in a hotel, breakfast, access to sauna, pool, gym and one spa procedure or great discounts for procedures of your choice.

Relaxing in Hedon Spa

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Find a companion

Way to go and have a great spa break on a budget is to go with close person of yours. Probably if you choose to go with your special one, you might have common budget, but if you go with a relative or close friend you don´t mind sharing a room with – you can split the price for package on two. That way you get an immediate 50% discount and save even more. Also in case you have many friends that would like to take a trip with you, you might have a special group offer and get some extra group discounts.

Drop the procedures

Although it might seem like taking a spa break means having loads of different procedures, you can have just as much of relaxation time without them. Every spa centre and hotel that offers spa procedures mainly have pool and sauna areas that you can use. Going to such place - having a swim in a warm pool and relaxing in several different saunas with effects like aroma therapy -, will leave you plenty relaxed and relieve all the muscle tension, back tension and feelings of daily stress most of us are carrying around.

Having fun in Laulasmaa spa

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