Tenet – iconic filming locations in Tallinn

Source: Piret Saar, Visit Estonia

Tenet – iconic filming locations in Tallinn

Tenet, The Warner Bros production from director Christopher Nolan created a real buzz around Tallinn. Rightfully so.

Tenet has been the largest Hollywood film shoot in Tallinn, not only boosting the country's standing on the global production map but showcasing some of Tallinn's most iconic landmarks that the film fans can plan their itinerary around. Here's our selection of the must-see locations featured in the blockbuster. 

The most impressive accomplishment was the closing of the ever-busy Laagna Road that connects two major urban areas in Tallinn. Estonia's various government departments and its Film Institute went above and beyond to accommodate the spy thriller, which has a sprawling cast that includes Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and John David Washington.

The monumental Linnahall, featured in the film as "Kyiv Opera House", was initially built as a multifunctional event venue for the Tallinn sailing regatta of the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics and named V. I. Lenin Palace of Culture and Sports. Its brutalist style and impressive size serve as the perfect location for the movie's intense opening scene.

While the building itself is closed, Linnahall's gorgeous rooftop is a popular hangout spot for the locals, mostly for offering million-dollar views across the bay and the medieval city core for free.

Maarjamäe Memorial, monument gates

Photo by: Tanel TeemuskCC BY-SA 2.0

Maarjamäe memorial complex is located by Tallinn's winding promenade, overlooking the bay. The 1970s architectural ensemble with a concrete obelisk dedicated to the defenders of the Soviet Union is hard to miss. The paved pathway along with the "Perishing Seagulls" statue serves as a backdrop for one of Tenet's highly cryptic discussions.

The area is also home to the Estonian Film Museum which Christopher Nolan visited during his free time in Tallinn.

Exterior of Tenet's filming location – Estonian Art Museum

Photo by: Visit Estonia

When talking about architectural gems, you cannot look past KUMU. Featured in Tenet as "Oslo freeport", Estonian Art Museum was designed by Finnish architect Pekka Vapaavuori. It sits in the midst of the historical Kadriorg park  landscape, that was frequented by the Russian royal family a few centuries ago. 

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Last updated : 15.09.2020