International hiking trails passing through Estonia

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International hiking trails passing through Estonia

 Estonia boasts a lengthy coastline that connects to the neighbouring Baltics States. You can even take a 9,000-kilometre coastal route to or from Estonia around the circumference of the Baltic Sea – through a total of nine countries passing by stunning beaches, cliffs, woodlands and fishing villages along with cultural hotspots like Tallinn and Helsinki.

One of the more popular coastal hiking routes in Estonia will see the most part of the western coast of Estonia from Pärnu to Tallinn, including Estonia's most popular resort cities Pärnu and Haapsalu. Along the way you will pass bays, cape horns, fishermen's villages and overgrown meadows. In the northern part you will find Pakri cliffs, where you will see some of the most beautiful scenery in the area, including sandy beaches and dolomite outcrops. In addition to natural heritage, you also pass by the Soviet military heritage in Paldiski.

Estonia has a long winding coast line that connects to neighbouring cultural hotspots

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This grand hiking tour is exactly what it sounds like. Catering for experienced hikers wishing to walk along a large part of the coasts of Latvia and Estonia, you will gain a detailed impression about the diverse coastal landscape, nature, birds and animals of the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Coastal Hiking Route mixes sandy beaches, sections of stones and pebbles. Sometimes the trail goes winds through coastal forests or stops at a fishermen's village. In the last section of the route you will feel Estonia's Nordic nature more. The hike will take across the boarder from Riga (Latvia) toTallinn (or vice versa), as well as traditional villages in Livonia and Kihnu island.

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