Kerli's favourite Estonian fashion designers

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Kerli's favourite Estonian fashion designers

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Estonia has a flourishing fashion and design scene attracting international attention. Here are some names to take note of. 

Liina Stein
I remember stumbling across Liina's work a while back when she was making naughty latex clothes with horse tails and other shocking elements. Since then, one of my favorite designers in the country has come a long way and is now mostly making incredibly beautiful and delicate evening gowns of lace, pearls and other luxurious materials. The main character in my new music video is also wearing Liina's fairytale-like, majestic creation.  

Liisi Eesmaa
Liisi Eesmaa is known for everything crazy, otherworldly and alienesque. She sometimes makes dresses that weigh a hundred pounds and are created out of mirrored mosaic pieces. Liisi is also the creator of my outfit for my "Army of Love" music video, although it really doesn't showcase how off the charts her creativity is.

Aldo Järvsoo
Aldo Järvsoo is a classic when it comes to Estonian fashion design. He is somewhat of a chameleon and creates everything from understated evening gowns to insane creations made out of butterfly wings. I love how every collection of his is so different from the last, but always equally amazing.

Unexpected elements 

Look of high quality materials like leather, fur and gemstones styled in unusual and surprising ways. 

Photo by: Magnus Heinmets

Ketlin Bachmann
Ketlin's designs are absolutely stunning in how delicate and feminine they are. Her work always has a lot of texture and kind of reminds me of blossoming flowers.

Triinu Pungits
Triinu is amazing. I remember checking out her collections a long time ago when she was making super over the top things out of unexpected materials, channeling spirit animals and wild nature nymphs. Her newer collections have gotten more refined, minimal and Scandinavian, which I love as well. Her art speaks to me on a whole other level.

Riina Põldroos
Ahhh. Riina's dresses are the epitome of femininity. She mixes really sleek elements with flowy fabrics and each one of her pieces is perfect for some kind of an urban fairy-woman. So, so pretty.

Britt Samoson
Britt is an artist in the truest sense of the word. She doesn't just make fashion - her illustrations and paintings are also to die for. She is always finding interesting materials to work with and likes to make gory elements, like bloody holes in dresses made of red rubies, which are painfully beautiful.

100 designers under one roof

For those interested in taking home some local fashion and design, the Estonian Design House is the go-to place for shopping, featuring over 100 brands.

Photo by: Magnus Heinmets

Roberta Einer
Roberta is a new fashion designer who is currently studying in London but even before graduation, her debut collection is creating waves all over the world. Her style is somewhat of a patchwork in the most amazing sense of the word - the pieces feature fur, pearls and other beautiful materials stitched together into a hyper, cool, bohemian, punk, barbie vibe. She definitely has a very bright future ahead.

Tanel Veenre
The only accessories/ jewelry designer on my list, Tanel's work is straight out of a fairytale. He often lists "cosmic dust" as one of the materials used in his work, mixing it with magical items like metallic seahorses and semi-precious stones. I admire Tanel's work so much because he manages to have an incredible career as a fine artist, showing his more outrageous pieces in numerous galleries all over the world, while also designing simple and beautiful collections for the women who like more understated stuff.

Jo Nurm
I am starting to appreciate minimalist design more and more as time goes by and Jo has really mastered simplicity. Great materials with interesting details. I would say she is Estonia's own Rick Owens and I'm very excited to watch her journey as an artist.

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