Estonian way of cleaning up the planet

Source: Arne Adar, Visit Estonia

Estonian way of cleaning up the planet

The world is glued to the screen, watching Blue Planet that sends worrying messages about the state of our beloved planet. At the same time, Estonians organised the World Cleanup Day. This is a mesmerising story of how a country of 1.3 million convinced more than 18 million people to come clean up the planet. 

Clean air and clean food

Photo by: Mariann Liimal, Visit Estonia

Estonians are taught early on that a home is not confined by four walls. It's the streets, valleys, hills and rivers that surround us that ought to be  treated with the same amount of respect as a house or an apartment. Estonian food and air are among some of the cleanest in the world. So no surprise then that Estonians have embarked on a mission to nurture a similar mentality across the world.

Estonians are great at organising community initiatives 

UNESCO listed Song and Dance celebration

Photo by: Jarek Jõepera

Estonians definitely know how to pull a crowd together. This is manifested in the Song and Dance celebration that has been held since the 19th century and regarded as one of the most powerful movements in Estonian modern history. World Cleanup Day, a strong contender, was held in September 2018 at 10 am in New Zealand, and ended 36 hours later in Hawaii. During these daylight hours across the world, millions of tons of illegal trash was removed from nature.

World Cleanup Day was the flagship initiative of Let's Do It! Foundation that has made its mission to map and tackle world waste problem. The movement engaged more than 18 million people in nationwide cleanup campaigns and zero waste initiatives. This Estonian local community initiative is now the biggest civic action in the world and directly responsible for easing the planet of millions of tons of trash.

Last updated : 30.06.2020