Margus Sameli the new Director of the Estonian Tourist Board

Source: Harrry, Tiits, Visit Estonia

Margus Sameli the new Director of the Estonian Tourist Board

Margus Sameli, who has abundant experience in international communication, has been appointed as the new Director of Enterprise Estonia’s Estonian Tourism Board (Visit Estonia).

“Margus Sameli stood out among other candidates with his holistic view of tourism. When it comes to the development of tourism, Margus understands the importance of ensuring high quality of infrastructure and tourism services in addition to marketing activities,” said Avo Ivask, Chairman of the Board of Enterprise Estonia.

“As the Director of Visit Estonia, I can help enhance Estonia’s reputation as a tourism destination and facilitate the provision of innovative tourism products. In order to attract more tourists to Estonia, to have them stay here longer and spend more, tourism products and services need to be developed constantly. The field of communication, where I previously worked as the Group Managing Director of Aegis Media Baltics, is dynamic, fragmented, extremely analytical and technologically innovative; however, the tourism sector displays those aspects even more intensely,” said Margus Sameli, Director of the Estonian Tourist Board, when describing challenges that await him.

Margus Sameli studied communications management at the Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University, where he graduated with a master’s degree in social studies. Prior to that, he had graduated from the Tallinn University as a sculptor. Although Sameli has not worked in the field of tourism before, he finds that culture is the main reason for travel. “After all, the entire tourism sector functions on the basis of people’s decisions, so my 20 years of experience in the field of communication will definitely be a great asset. I am sure that my Visit Estonia team has plenty of experience; however, if we wish to succeed in this highly competitive field, we must be more oriented on the matters of the future,” added Sameli.

Last updated : 11.10.2018