Nature cameras open a window to Estonian wildlife

Source: Visit Estonia

Nature cameras open a window to Estonian wildlife

 Estonian is dotted with cameras to connect curious visitors with the stories of local nature. You no longer have to be present physically to experience Estonian wildlife. In fact, you get a closer look of eagles and other birds without actually disturbing the animals.

Migratory birds are a fascinating spectacle to observe

Photo by: Visit Estonia

Cameras are usually broadcasting actively from February til September. Live broadcasts of Estonian nature have been streaming since 2007, with the managing organisation Looduskalender publishing further information on its website, forums and Facebook channel. 
Some cameras use solar-powered batteries and therefore might not be streaming at all times.

The most popular stream in 2019 featured a family of black storks and ospreys. In March the camera witnessed the arrival of male black stork named Karl, who flew in from southern Sudan.

Next up we witnessed the arrival of three-month-old ospreys, prepared by their parents for upcoming autumn migration season. 

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Last updated : 03.10.2019

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