Otepää - the winter capital of Estonia

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Otepää - the winter capital of Estonia

With the arrival of winter, Otepää will carry the title of Winter Capital - the city has been honored with this name since 1996. Sport and health are considered important here and the scenic natural environment allows you to enjoy a memorable vacation in nature.

The sports town of Otepää and its surroundings offer outdoorsy activities for every taste. In winter, there are trails for cross-country skiers, mountain lovers, snowmobilers and hikers. Here is the largest alpine ski resort in the Baltics, offering year-round sporting activities.

Outdoorsy winter

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Tehvandi sport centre and Kääriku paths  provide a year-round training ground for both professional, amateur and health athletes - here you will find everything you need for a sporting holiday. There are several national and international winter competitions in the area, with participants from all over the world. Well-known Olympic winners live in Otepää and train world-famous ski aces.

In the midst of nature

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Opepää is worth visiting also outside the winter season. In warmer weather, it is good to enjoy the beach or fishing beautiful Pühajärv, hiking on the hills of Otepää parkland take in the views of Tehvandi and Harimäe tower.

Sporty and safe

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Numerous farms and businesses offer a wide range of active and sporting activities. The local accommodation ranges from the manor house to the simplicity of farm life. Expectations are a must-have for fans of the taste experience - the area's renowned White Guide lists restaurants as excellent cuisine cafes and pubs.

The popular Euroopa Saunamaraton  celebrates local sauna traditions and provides entertainment for both attendees and spectators.

Last updated : 22.04.2021