Pärnu County – Culinary Region of Estonia in 2018

Source: Silver Gutmann, Visit Pärnu

Pärnu County – Culinary Region of Estonia in 2018

Every year, one Estonian region is given the title of Culinary Region of Estonia. In 2018, that region is Pärnu County. This year, the focus in the Pärnu County will be on local foods, local manufacturers, culinary events and wonderful eateries, so food lovers have plenty to rejoice over!

The quality level of eateries in Pärnu has increased significantly in the past few years. This is largely thanks to enthusiastic chefs and the Restaurant Week and Café Week held in Pärnu, which have helped develop a great local café and restaurant culture. Restaurants and Cafés have a lot of exciting offers planned for the Restaurant Week held in April and the Café Week organised in October. This fall, a total of 100 one-day cafés will be opened during the Pärnu Café Week in order to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

However, various eateries await visitors all year round. The White Guide Baltic has listed the restaurant at the Pärnu Rannahotell, Restaurant Raimond, Restaurant Mon Ami and the restaurant at Villa Wesset among the finest in the Pärnu County. As is customary for a seaside town, the Kalamajaka café is specialised on seafood dishes. You could also visit the nostalgic Sõõriku baar (Doughnut bar), which has been operating in the Pärnu old town since the early 1950s.

In addition to delicious food, you can also try out a multitude of tasty drinks in Pärnu. With prior registration, it is possible to tour the Jaanihanso Cider House, Tori Cider Farm, Allikukivi Wine Manor or the Piesta Kuusikaru Farm, which makes fascinating apple products. In September, a Harvest Celebration, which grew out of the Oktoberfest idea, is held at the Maria Farm. The aim of the celebrations is to have at least 100 different drinks made in the Pärnu County on offer to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

Jaanisoo Cider House

Photo by: Veronika Roosimaa

There are several annual culinary festivals organised in the Pärnu County. For example, spring always comes with the Daffodil Festival, where local plant experts share knowledge, and with the RäimeWest, which introduces local fish foods and handicrafts. One of the oldest food festivals in the Pärnu County is the Tahkuranna Cucumber Festival, the focal points of which are the main livelihoods of the coastal people – cucumber, fish and handicrafts. The Saarde Mushroom Festival boasts such special treats as the Amanita soup and chanterelle tincture, i.e. Romantic Beach love potion.

Those who long to get away from the mainland can head to the Kihnu Island, which can surprise with a lot of exciting favours. 2018 marks the first year of the Kihnu Home Café Days, which celebrate local foods, wonderful flavours and produce of the island. If you can’t make it to the island for the Café Days, we recommend checking out the Kihnu Küek experience.

In any case, you won’t be leaving Pärnu County with an empty stomach this year.

Last updated : 04.06.2018

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