Russian heritage the #EstonianWay

with journalist Polina Sokhranova

Source: Ott-Erik Eendra

Russian heritage the #EstonianWay

  • #EstonianWay of Cultural Heritage   Source: Ott Erik Eendra, Visit Estonia
Haapsalu is a perfect destination to experience rich history of Estonia

As part of the Russian Empire from 1721 to 1917, Estonia became a popular holiday destination for Russian nobility. Tchaikovsky spent time composing in Haapsalu, while the anthem of the Russian Empire, 'God Save the Tsar!', was first performed for Tsar Nicholas at Keila-Joa manor. Join journalist Polina Sokhranova on a journey to discover the #EstonianWay of Russian heritage.

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Tchaikovsky's Bench in Haapsalu

Railway and Communications Museum

Haapsalu Lace Centre Museum and Gallery

Haapsalu Castle

Haapsalu Castle Museum

Summer restaurant of Haapsalu Kuursaal

Keila-Joa Manor and Schloss Fall Museum

Laulasmaa beach

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About Polina

Polina Sokhranova is a journalist who has served as editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine Russia and editor of Vogue Russia. She has since moved on to co-found QUARZ, a crystal concept store that promotes a modern approach to spirituality and wellness.