Stay tuned with sail in Estonia

Stay tuned with sail in Estonia

Source: Marleen Valdmaa

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Why to sail in Estonia you ask?

Due to Estonia's northern location, you will enjoy here the longest summer days and the sun always sets into the sea. Pure nature and diversified coast will welcome you – experience beautiful sands, cliffs and islands. As the country is not too big, it is possible to get from one marina to another in one day, always being on the route and exploring what the Baltic Sea has to offer. On the moment you decide to sail in Estonia, you can be sure to experience warm and friendly service in authentic and still a bit mysterious country. Even though Estonia is already on the world map, you can still feel like Columbus discovering America, as Estonia and Estonians have many well kept secrets you can see with your own eyes. The country might be small, but there is always something happening.

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Last updated : 02.11.2020

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