Tallinn's summertime white nights

Source: Kaupo Kalda, Visit Tallinn

Tallinn's summertime white nights

During Estonia's white nights, the sun rises around 4 am and sets a bit before 11 pm. Daylight fades to twilight but never goes pitch-black. Take advantage of this extra time by staying up and staying out into the wee hours. Here are some ideas to make the most of Tallinn during the magical white nights of summer.

View of Tallinn's Old Town during summer

Check out the cafe atop Fat Margaret's Tower

Photo by: Kaupo Kalda, Visit Tallinn

Explore the streets of Old Town

To really take full advantage of Estonia's white nights, stroll through the cobblestone streets and winding alleys of Old Town; if you're lucky, you might stumble on some live music. Try a cocktail from award-winning bartenders or stop in for a drink at one of the best speakeasies in town, if you can find it! Cinephiles might want to see a movie in Tallinn's oldest cinema; it will still be light out when you come out of the theater. The lookouts in the upper part of Old Town or the cafe on top of Fat Margaret's Tower are also great spots to relax and watch the sky change color.

Hit the museum then go for a stroll

The Kumu Art Museum in Kadriorg Park is open until 8 pm on Thursdays. Spend a late afternoon visiting their exhibitions on Estonian art, then head out into Kadriorg Park or have dinner at one of the neighborhood's top restaurants. Afterwards, take a stroll along the Pirita Promenade. Hop on a bus, rent a scooter, or keep walking (if you have the time and energy!) until you get to Pirita Beach. Find a spot on the sand to watch the sun head towards the horizon.

Pirita Promenade

A perfect spot to catch the setting sun

Photo by: Kadi-liis Koppel, Visit Tallinn

You could also spend your evening going the opposite direction. If you're looking for luxury, start with a gourmet dinner at the MICHELIN-starred NOA Chef's Hall in Pirita. Otherwise, a picnic on the beach with ice cream for dessert is a summertime standard. From there, walk along the promenade before heading back into Old Town for a latenight wander.

Steam the night away in a sauna

Sauna is an essential part of Estonian culture, no matter the weather. Try out the oldest sauna in Tallinn or head out of the city center to a local favorite, the Elamus Spa in Mustamäe. Open until 11 pm, they often feature DJs on the weekends. Iglupark Saunas in Noblessner are one of the city's chicest saunas in a prime seaside location. If you like your sauna with a side of stand-up, then Heldeke is the spot for you. They have a full calendar of comedy, burlesque, and live music. Many of the shows are in English, making it a good stop for visitors willing to venture off the beaten path.

Seek out new experiences around town

Rotermann Quarter

At the crossroads between Old Town, the port, and Viru Square, the Rotermann Quarter area has been completely renovated in recent years. Now you can find topnotch restaurants such as Pull or R14 tucked away in the narrow pedestrian walkways. Chicago 1933 is also a favorite for live music and its summertime terrace.


Nearby the aforementioned Iglupark Saunas, you have one of the newest summertime hangouts in Tallinn. The steps next to the marina are great for people watching and grabbing a drink. Noblessner is also home to one of Tallinn's top restaurants, the MICHELIN-starred Restaurant 180° by Matthias Diether.


From Balti Jaam market, head on over to the hipster hotspot, Telliskivi. On the way you can stop by Sveta Bar or Peatus for a drink. Telliskivi is lively in the evenings with a number of restaurants and bars featuring outdoor terraces and venues for live music. For something a bit fancier, try Fotografiska and their rooftop bar and restaurant. It's an enjoyable walk between Noblessner and Telliskivi, so make the most of the long white nights and visit both neighborhoods!

Enchanting evenings. Sundowners and outdoor dining. A technicolor sky. And the always changing, ancient yet modern city of Tallinn. Make it a white night to remember!

Last updated : 23.05.2023

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