Tallinn at a glance – what to do in 6 hours

Source: Mart Vares, Visit Estonia

Tallinn at a glance – what to do in 6 hours

Are you doing a quick hop over to Tallinn and got exactly 6 hours to take it all in? It's definitely ambitious but totally doable. Let’s start the clock!

Hour 1 - Toompea

Toompea is essentially the upper town or Tallinn Old Town. Instead of visiting the coastline and towers separately, you can take in the view in one single breath (and an IG post).

Hour 2 — Town Hall square

Make your way to the central square of Tallinn Old town and simply allow yourself to get lost from here. On your way, you might as well run into some historical gems below.

Hour 3-4 - Brunch in Kalamaja

Kalamaja is where it’s at these days in Tallinn. This old working-class neighbourhood has some stunning wooden and industrial architecture. Here’s where you get a taste of what the coolest kids on the block are eating and drinking right now.

Hour 5 - Noblessner

Once the major submarine shipyard of Imperial Russia, it has now turned into a seafront quarter that is open to the people and to the sea.

Hour 6 - Kadriorg

Kadriorg is a must, especially if you are visiting during the summer. Here you lay down on the green grass for a little rest and visit Estonia’s most exciting modern landmark - the KUMU art museum.

Last updated : 03.03.2020