Tartu highlights — six hours in the spiritual capital of Estonia

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Tartu highlights — six hours in the spiritual capital of Estonia

Tartu, the 2nd largest city in Estonia, is often referred to as Estonia's spiritual and intellectual heart. An old university city split right in the middle by the winding Emajõgi river, Tartu spirit can be found in its many pubs, restaurants and the boho Aparaaditehas that is a new creative area in Tartu city center. Tartu is also a science city and a home to many fun museums for the whole family. Here’s what to do in just 6 hours.

12 @ noon - museums and science centres

Similarly to Tallinn, Tartu is an OLD city, and old city means lots of heritage. Here's a list of top museums in Tartu.

1300 — cafes

Here's where the students and residents meet and mingle. While the cafes offer tasty lunch menus and pastries to fill the belly, coffee joints also play an important role in the town's cultural life.

1400 - parks

Toomemägi was a gift from Emperor Paul I to the University of Tartu. The park especially beautiful and colourful in the autumn season but is a great place to take a stroll throughout the year. Here are a couple of landmarks to explore on the go.

1500 – shopping

Popup markets and little boutiques are all the rage in Tartu. Here's what's on now.

1600 — beer o'clock

Like any uni town, Tartu is big into beer! Here's a list of cool beer bars and breweries to check out during your trip over.

1700 – dinner time

While Tartu might not be as well known as a foodie city as Tallinn is, there is an emerging gourmet scene popping up in the second largest city of Estonia.

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