Tasty gift ideas from Estonia

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Tasty gift ideas from Estonia

Many would agree that the best kind of memories are the tasty ones. Instead of knickknacks, it's totally worth bringing back a delicious souvenir or two from your trip to Estonia. To guide you through the journey, here are bloggers and vloggers eating their way through Estonia. 


First used for its medicinal qualities, Estonian marzipan tradition goes back centuries and there are a number of local legends and tales surrounding the tasty treat. Marzipan is indeed one of the oldest sweets made in Estonia, and while its sugar contents are definitely high, it is believed to have some healing properties.

Maiasmokk Cafe on Pikk Street in Tallinn Old Town is well regarded for its marzipan painting classes, and you can purchase cute marzipan figurines to take with you.


If you happen to spend your Christmas with an Estonian family, then there's a high likelihood that you'll be gifted a pot of honey sourced from a local beekeeper. Honey is widely used to sweeten up life and boost the immune system.


Estonians of all ages have a thing for kohuke. This sweet curd based snack is often covered in chocolate or caramel frosting and is a local alternative to a granola bar – something to keep you going throughout the day.

Black bread

Last but not least comes the black bread. Now, there's only that far you can travel with a fresh loaf before it goes stale, but if you are looking to take back a yummy gift that is uniquely Estonian, then black bread it is. We recommend going for artisan bread when possible, but you can easily pick up a loaf at your local corner store.

Here's a list of runner-up gifts to consider:

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