The Arvo Pärt Centre as a tribute to the maestro

Source: Tõnu Tunnel/Arvo Pärdi Keskus

The Arvo Pärt Centre as a tribute to the maestro

Arvo Pärt’s creations have touched and helped a lot of people across the world. As the world’s most performed living composer, Pärt’s unique music has significantly influenced the mindsets and views on life for a large number of people. The musical pieces of Arvo Pärt have had an impact on a great deal of music of the second half of the 20th century and interest towards his works is only increasing.

Arvo Pärt – one of the most famous Estonians

Birgit Püve, Arvo Pärt Centre

Pärt’s diverse creations include organ pieces, chamber music, orchestral music, incl. four symphonies, works written for choirs, soloists and an orchestra, as well as a cappella choir music. A great deal of his works is based on liturgical or otherwise sacral texts.

The Arvo Pärt Centre, which was opened to the public in October 2018, is both a personal archive of the composer and an inspiring meeting place for all those interested in his works and topics related thereto.

Balance between modern architecture and nature

Photo by: Tõnu Tunnel, Arvo Pärt Centre

The centre, which is situated under pine trees of the Laulasmaa beach (named after the singing sands), fits nicely with Arvo Pärt’s creative attitude and is open to all music lovers. Inspired by the beauty of Pärt’s music, the building boasts unique architectural solutions that combine glass, wood and concrete; the building has been placed in a dialogue with music and the nature and its colour scheme fits perfectly with the local natural colouring.

The building incorporates modern renewable energy systems and is connected to the surrounding forest landscape, creating a balance between the modern architectural object and the nature environment. The construction of the new building for the Arvo Pärt Centre was financed by the Estonian government. The opening of the Centre is part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

A superb concert hall

Photo by: Tõnu Tunnel, Arvo Pärt Centre

The aim of the Arvo Pärt Centre is to study and preserve the composer’s heritage in his homeland, Estonia, in an Estonian language environment. The building houses an exhibition area, a library, classrooms, a personal archive, a 140-seat auditorium, a video room and a cafe. The centre invites you to take part in educational tours, watch various films about the composer and to attend discussion evenings. This is also a venue for world class concerts and master classes; various options are provided for listening to the composer’s music, analysing it and gaining a more thorough understanding of it.

A special atmosphere for concerts and pensive enjoyment of music is provided by a chamber hall with a gorgeous view of the forest. The cosy library provides reading material on music, art and theology. An observation tower with a unique design will be opened in the spring of 2019.

The beautiful and spacious building

Photo by: Tõnu Tunnel, Arvo Pärt Centre

Researchers are given access to the core of the centre – Arvo Pärt’s personal archive, which holds the composer’s creative oeuvre. The personal archive contains the collected works of the composer, his documents and information both in physical and digital format. The most significant materials in the collection are Arvo Pärt’s manuscripts, musical sketches, scores and diaries; the majority of the archive is made up of original documents.

Visitors can get acquainted with thousands of photographs, recordings on different media, correspondence, films and other material related to the life and work of the composer.

In the pine forest by the seaside

Photo by: Tõnu Tunnel, Arvo Pärt Centre

The newly opened centre is a place for inspiration, peace of mind and balance. The Arvo Pärt Centre is located 35 kilometres from Tallinn, in Laulasmaa, on 3 Kellasalu tee. The centre is open to visitors from Wednesday to Sunday, 12–18, see instructions on how to get there.

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