The world’s best orienteers announced in Estonia

Source: Jonatan Karjus

The world’s best orienteers announced in Estonia

Have you ever tried orienteering? Estonia, where a half of the country is covered with forests, is a paradise for those who love adventures and the best place to get acquainted with orienteering. From 30 June to 7 July, the world's best orienteers will be announced in southern Estonia with their only companions being a map, a compass, and agile feet when they are running on a complex path through mystical primeval forests and picturesque towns of southern Estonia.

In addition to the world championships, a competition for amateurs called Estonian Orienteering Week will take place, which provides the opportunity to watch the contest and put your map reading skills to the test, following in the footsteps of the champions later on. Discovering Estonia in such a way provides you with a lasting experience. While hiking, you will see places where you would otherwise probably never run into!

It is fun to hike in the woods with a map, but it is equally exciting to watch the world championships. The competition centres have big LED screens, which in addition to the situation on the spot display a tense thriller taking place in the forest or the street maze from where the spectators can see live who is the fastest, the most accurate, and the smartest in the world. Every second counts and even the smallest mistakes may become decisive. The competition will be opened and commented by internationally renowned reporters.

While there are no competitions and you are tired of walking in the forest, southern Estonia also offers a variety of other activities. Several concerts, performances, and public events will take place. The world championships also have a cultural and entertainment programme, which welcomes all who are interested.

Last updated : 10.04.2019

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