TOP 10 interactive museums and theme parks

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TOP 10 interactive museums and theme parks

Have fun with the whole family while exploring Estonia’s many exciting museums and theme parks. Here you can listen to the traditional songs of Kihnu islanders, travel back to the ice age, tour an old mining site and embark from a submarine. These and many other fun activities are all included in the list of some of the many must-see interactive museums and theme parks in Estonia.


Seaplane Harbour

Harju maakond, Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa

The most exciting European museum is located in the Seaplane Harbour, where the exhibition in the historical seaplane hangars tells you stories from under the water, on the water and above the water. The dignified icebreaker Suur Tõll stands by the pier; in 2014, it celebrates its 100th birthday. The ship has been restored to its original exterior and interior state. Laevaköök, which serves dishes from a 100-year-old menu of the ship's crew, is open during the summer months. There's a wonderful view overlooking the Port of Tallinn from the Seaplane Harbour. You can end your day on the outdoor terrace of café Maru or in the nautical-themed museum shop.

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Estonian National Museum (Eesti Rahva Muuseum)

Tartu maakond, Tartu linn

The Estonian National Museum as a museum of Estonian people helps to interpret what it means to be an Estonian and preserves the fundamental values of the nation and its continuity. It opens both a material and virtual world that invites visitors to discover and become part of it. The museum has two permanent exhibitions. The Encounters exhibition is a journey that brings together people who have lived here at different times and allows the visitors to take part in their daily activities. In addition, the permanent exhibition includes 11 thematic exhibitions, including The Language Brew and Man and the Environment . The Echoes of Ural presents the traditional everyday culture of Finno-Ugric people.

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AHHAA Science Centre

Tartu maakond, Tartu linn

Want to surprise yourself? The AHHAA Science Centre offers science, excitement, adventure and useful skills, as well as a fun time for everyone. Our centre is an attractive learning environment in which you are bound to learn something new. The majority of our exhibits are 'hands-on', so you can try everything yourself, whether it be the planetarium, the school laboratory pilot programme, creating educational materials or the science theatre. You can even host your own birthday party here, and visit our 4D cinema at the Lõunakeskus shopping centre, which is open every day. See you at AHHAA! Please note: Admission is until 1 hour before scheduled closing time.

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Tallinn Television Tower

Harju maakond, Pirita linnaosa

The Tallinn Television Tower in Pirita is the tallest building in Tallinn and Estonia with 314 metres. The TV Tower is a great tourist, culture and leisure centre. Waiting for you at the tower: a panoramic view from 170 metres, brasserie/restaurant and terrace on the 22nd floor; interactive multimedia solutions that introduce Estonia and Tallinn; view of the ground through the glass floor of the platform; futuristic interior milieu; attractions for children; mini TV studio, gift shop.

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Kohtla Mining Park

Ida-Viru maakond, Kohtla-Nõmme alev

Would you like to get a taste of the life of real coal miners? Then all you have to do is put on your wellies and a warm jacket and take a lamp. Because, where else but underground would you hear, taste and feel the same things as men who toiled underground every day for several decades? Now, Enrichment Factory is also open, demonstrating the journey of oil shale on the ground, explaining how energy is created and what are the future trends in the energy sector. NB! Ticket sale for the underground museum ends 2 hours before the museum is closed. Ticket sale for the Enrichment Factory ends an hour before the closing time.

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Energy Discovery Centre

Harju maakond, Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa

The Energy Discovery Centre is located in a 100-year-old power plant, situated in the centre of Tallinn on the border of the Old Town and the Kalamaja district. Here, you can see lightning even on a sunny day! Every day, lightning demonstrations are carried out with Tesla coils in the discovery centre  – a truly exciting experience. More than 100 hands-on exhibits explain how different electrical equipment work, but also show exciting sound and light effects and introduce the cosmos and natural phenomena. The centre has a planetarium where you can watch popular science short films and observe the sky. The centre welcomes all curious minds, especially families with children.

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Narva Museum

Ida-Viru maakond, Narva

Narva Museum today – it is the Narva stronghold, the Northern Courtyard, and the Art Gallery. These are more than architectural monuments, as the castle and the gallery also have exhibition halls. The exhibition of Narva castle talks about the history of Narva from the 13th century until the beginning of the 20th century. In 1991, the Art Gallery was opened. This allowed the museum to host Estonian and foreign art exhibitions in addition to displaying its own art collection. In 2007, Põhjaõu was opened as a new tourist attraction in the Northern Courtyard of the castle; this is how Narva Museum interprets the district of artisans dating from the 17th century. Narva Museum is exciting for the entire family!

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Tallinn Zoo

Harju maakond, Haabersti linnaosa

The Tallinn Zoo is located in the naturally beautiful Veskimetsa park forest that is rich in species. Boasting the most exciting collection of wildlife in Northern Europe, it is home to more than 11,000 specimens belonging to almost 600 species or subspecies from Australia to Alaska. We have giant elephants and rhinoceros, dangerous predators, simians, polar bears, and many other exotic species. Tallinn Zoo also has the best collection of wild goats and sheep in the world, as well as a remarkable number of eagles and vultures, and an excellent selection of owl and stork species. Tallinn Zoo is open every day. The zoo is open for two hours after the ticket offices close.

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Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom

Harju maakond, Kesklinna linnaosa

We tell the story of Estonia and Estonians through personal memories and moving stories of our grandmothers and grandfathers. On your journey through the museum, you will be accompanied by an e-guide in Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, German, French, or Spanish, which will lead you to an inclusive and reflective journey on the trails of the recent past. The e-guide is included in the ticket price. In addition, Vabamu has an engaging family level specifically designed for children with a smart family e-guide. The exhibition is accessible to people with hearing, visual, and mobility impairments.

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Family-friendly Activity Centre Thule Koda in Kuressaare

Saare maakond, Kuressaare linn

Thule offers protection from the winds! The expositions of the Alternative History Musesum of Thule Koda introduce the world-historical role of Saaremaa as the Ultima Thule. The mythical journey of the ancient Greek explorer Pytheas can be enjoyed through various expositions and games. The exhibits are humorous and somewhat self-ironic and their motto is ‘Don't believe everything that you see!’ The stylish and comfortable Thule Hall and private and cosy Kaali Hall in the THULE CINEMA offer a versatile programme for both young and old guests. The café serves light meals and drinks.

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