TOP 10 manor hotels in Estonia

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TOP 10 manor hotels in Estonia

Estonia’s history of German and Swedish rule has left the country with a wealth of manor houses and an increasing number have been renovated and converted to luxury hotels. Here you can wine, dine, enjoy a spa treatments and sleep like an aristocrat. Below are just some of the many converted manor hotels in Estonia.


Saka Cliff Hotel & SPA

Ida-Viru maakond, Saka küla

Saka Cliff Hotel & SPA is a small and romantic hotel in the midst of gorgeous nature, located on the edge of unique Ontika limestone bluff. In addition to accommodation rooms visitors can enjoy a'la carte restaurant, private dining-room and mini-spa. In Meretorn, that is located on the edge of the bank and has six seminary and conference rooms, You can have meetings or relax in a sauna. In addition to hotel You can stay in separate terrace-house in an apartment-style room or park Your caravan or spend the night in tent. Marked hiking track, tennis court, campfire, swing and mini-spa help You to fill Your free time in nature.

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Vihterpalu Manor Hotel

Harju maakond, Vihterpalu küla

The earliest records of a manor on this site date back to1623. The main building isan example of notable local classical architecture and dates back to 1830s. The manor complex is dotted around a leafy park boasting old fir trees and along the tall banks of Vihterpalu river. Fully renovated, the manor house has been transformed in-to a luxurious conference centre and hotel.

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Mäetaguse Manor Hotel & Spa

Ida-Viru maakond, Mäetaguse alevik

A former stable and coach house of the 18th-century Mäetaguse manor has been turned into a 3-star manor hotel with Scandinavian style interiors. Visitors of the hotel can also enjoy the adjacent pool house with saunas and spa treatments. For daytime activities, guests are welcome touse the shooting range, lit ski and hiking tracks, rent Nordic pole walking sticks, bicycles and ATVs.

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The Suites of Alatskivi Castle

Tartu maakond, Alatskivi alevik

This Neo-Gothic castle dating back to the 17th century lies in the midst of southern Estonian forests, nearby the large Peipsi lake. Today, the manor is mainly known for its exhibition featuring the everyday life of the landlords and servants. Accommodation for up to eight people awaits on the second floor while the most luxurious suite is located in the corner tower.

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Padise Manor

Harju maakond, Padise küla

Just 50 kilometres from the capital in a beautiful spot snuggled between forests and fields lies Padise manor. This naturally beautiful location with its ancient hill for-tress and historical convent also boasts the now almost fully renovated Padise Manor that is a home to a cosy hotel with 13 guest rooms and an a la carte restaurant renowned for its cuisine. The manor is also a popular venue for a number of celebrated chamber concerts.

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Mooste Manor Guesthouse

Põlva maakond, Mooste alevik

Mooste Manor, established at the time when the Nolcken family ruled the area, lies on the side of a lake. Most of the buildings are constructed from stone and decorated with brick with an English style park adding to the appearance of the manor. The manor house accommodates a school, and a former woodworking workshop has been renovated into the Mooste Manor Guest House. A restorer’s work-shop operates in the old workhorse stable, and the Centre for Arts and Social Practice occupies the steward’s house, while the former barn has been transformed into a 500-seat concert hall.

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Sagadi Manor Hotel

Lääne-Viru maakond, Sagadi küla

Sagadi manor complex is located in Lahemaa National Park. The history of the manor dates back 500 years. These days Sagadi has become the centre of tourism and natural and cultural education. The complex is extraordinary for its unity: lots of outbuildings with repaired roads, parkways, a park and ponds. In Sagadi forest centre you can visit forest and manor museum, stay in a hotel and enjoy a meal at the manor restaurant.

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Vihula Manor Country Club ja Spa

Lääne-Viru maakond, Vihula küla

Located in the picturesque Lahemaa National Park in North Estonia, only an hour’s drive from Tallinn, Vihula Manor Holiday Village welcomes visitors with the prestigious LaBoheme restaurant and anon site eco spa. The village is open to the guests of Vihula manor but also to others looking to enjoy a walk and a cup of coffee in a romantic village setting.

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KAU Manor

Harju maakond, Triigi küla

KAU Manor, which was originally constructed as long ago as 1241, was taken over by new owners in 2006. Renovation work was inspired by the colourful history of the manor, and the imagination employed makes it stand out from other manors in Estonia. Just half an hour's drive from Tallinn, the manor is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The manor today is home to a 19-room boutique hotel, the awarded Kaheksa Jalga restaurant , a wine cellar, cigar room, library, private sauna and indoor pool. Its ballroom and other smaller salons make ideal venues for special events. A wide range of public events are also held here.


Pädaste Manor

Saare maakond, Pädaste küla

This luxurious manor is located on the small island of Mu-humaa, well known for its nature and traditional heritage.The facade of the mansion and the lawn is framed by two rows of imposing rubble stone buildings. Today the man-sion is a home to a SPA hotel and Alexander restaurant which is considered one of the best restaurants in the Northeastern region of Europe.

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