TOP 10 things to know before you sail to Estonia

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TOP 10 things to know before you sail to Estonia

Estonia is one of the nine countries situated by the Baltic Sea – easily accessible, just in the middle and like no other of its neighbours. In Finland, you see rocky shores that are absent in Estonia, and in Latvia there are literally no islands. So read this when setting sail to Ultima Thule – country of ancient Vikings and modern technologies.

1. Estonia is close to the polar circle and the nights during summertime are very short

You can easily sail throughout the entire night during June and July, and you might get just few hours of moderate darkness. These magical nights are the reason to choose night-watch duties during longer passages.

On the sea

Photo by: Magnus Heinmets

2. The winds are relatively stable

While sailing close to coastline the daily breeze blows from sea to land, followed by a lull in winds during sunset, and the changes of breeze from land to sea. Yearly, dominating winds blow from south and south west – therefore you can make the crossing from Sweden to Estonia relatively easily on one tack.

Photo by: Randel Kreitsberg

3. There are no currents and tides to consider while sailing – it's simple as that

Photo by: Randel Kreitsberg

4. Estonia has more than 2000 islands to visit

Estonia has more than 2000 islands to visit – most of them unpopulated and waiting to be discovered. The sea around the islands is mostly shallow, therefore a distant anchorage and a din-ghy is best to consider. The Estonian coast offers a diversity of unique sandy beaches and spectacular limestone cliffs.

Photo by: Randel Kreitsberg

5. The number of marinas in Estonia are growing yearly

The number of marinas in Estonia are growing yearly and soon covering the whole country with only a daytrip apart. In the marinas, they are mostly modern, nicely designed, clean and stylish places, purely because the majority of them are recently upgraded. WiFi is sort of a constitutional right for everyone and almost everywhere, and it is included in the mooring price.

Photo by: Randel Kreitsberg

6. You can sail up to the old town

In many towns (Tallinn, Kuressaare, Pärnu) there is a yacht-club near the city centre, so you can literally sail to the downtown. As Estonia is a small country, it's easy to rent a car from the town, and rest of the country's attractions are quickly and comfortably accessible.

Photo by: Randel Kreitsberg

7. Gas-stations are a lifesaver

Different from our northern neighbouring countries, gas-stations in Estonia are mostly open 24H, and can therefore be real life-savers when arriving hungry during the nighttime.

Photo by: Randel Kreitsberg

8. Most Estonians speak English

The older generation also speaks Russian – but in English you can manage relatively well everywhere.

Near lake Võrtsjärve

Photo by: Magnus Heinmets

9. 18 degrees Celsius is already great summer weather!

There is a maritime climate in Estonia, which means that humid air feels hot already when 20 degrees and over. Don't be misled by the low numbers, protect yourself from the sun.

Photo by: Randel Kreitsberg

10. Estonians are modest but love to get to know you and your voyage

So don't be afraid to take the first step or ask for help – we love to hear your stories and are most happy to help. Wel-come!

Photo by: Rauno Volmer
Last updated : 22.04.2021

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