TOP activities for night owls

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TOP activities for night owls

Nights in Estonia are not like in the rest of the world. The ‘white nights’ of summer aren’t really nights at all, but more like a few hours of magical twilight, while the ‘black nights’ of winter are as deep and mysterious as the Estonian wilderness. No matter when you visit, check out these unique activities that will let you experience the night, the #EstonianWay!

Trip on Lake Rummu with a lighted raft

Harju maakond, Rummu alevik

Rummu has earned its status as a legendary place in history, tourism, and scuba diving. In 1938, a prison camp was opened there where prisoners were used to mine the so-called Vasalemma limestone from the quarry. We will "fly" over this underwater world after the sun has set. Using lights to guide us, we will glide over underwater forests and the roofs of the miniature Atlantis, and try to find sleeping schools of fish in the crowns. There, we will use green, white, blue, and red lights to peek into the thicket of reeds and under the limestone coast.

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A nightime trip to the primeval forest of Sagadi Manor

Lääne-Viru maakond, Sagadi küla

At night, the forest is mysterious, unknown, and mystical. All senses are heightened in the forest at night. Only the bravest have gone for a forest hike at night.  We offer an exciting discovery trip to the primeval forests of Lahemaa. We will listen to the sounds of the night, hear stories told by different scents, and look for signs of animal activity. The trip can either start before midnight or shortly before dawn, when the forest comes alive with the songs of the waking birds. Our experienced guides will make sure that the hike is safe.

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Spiritual journey through nature at Preeriakoda

Rapla maakond, Varbola küla

In the wilderness at the source of the River Kasari, guests are welcomed by a Native American village with eight teepees. Within three of four hours, we will guide you through the village through games from the trails of the Wild West and tournament of skills, as well as tales of the life of pre-industrial indigenous nations. The journey will last for 24 hours, 12 of which will be spent alone in a bog at night. The best in the tournament will receive a certificate of a Wild West survivalist from Preeriakoda. Between the tournaments, we will have a teepee picnic in Native American style around the fire in the teepee. Depending on the number of participants, a tournament includes four to six various games or tests. Dress according to the weather. Howgh!

Disc golf courses in Kõrvemaa

Harju maakond, Pillapalu küla

Sportland Kõrvemaa Hike and Ski Resort offers maintained disc golf courses. The courses are versatile and suitable for players of any age and skill level. There are two courses: the 18-hole course called 'John Deere' for beginners and the 21-hole 'Prodigy Kõrvemaa course' for advanced players. The courses are characteristic of the mountainous landscape of northern Kõrvemaa: they are hilly and challenging, with wide forest corridors. The first ever throw on the course was made by Gerd Kanter, Olympic champion in discus throw. Our park also hosts several large competitions. We offer disc golf lessons for players of all ages, as well as equipment.  

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Night climbing at Roosta Adventure Park

Lääne maakond, Elbiku küla / Ölbäck

Come and experience the challenge and excitement of Roosta Adventure Park! The park differs from its competitors for its unique layout and is sure to provide you with an amazing experience. The features of the park were constructed by using methods designed to spare the trees, and no nails were used. The park makes for a great place for families to come together, offers exciting competitions for teams, fun for school groups, and a true chance for anyone who is scared of heights to conquer their fear – as you can go climbing in the middle of the night! Roosta Adventure Park has three tracks of varying degrees of difficulty: blue, red, and black.

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Pärnu maakond, Riisa küla

Beavers prefer to move around in the night and rest during the daytime. Therefore, the beaver safaris with canoes take place in the evening, when beavers wake up, but the human eye still sees enough of what is going on. The guided canoe trips start near the Soomaa Holiday Village guest house at 9 p.m. in June and July, and at 8 p.m. during the other months. The canoe trip takes about 2-3 hours and the price includes guide service and canoe equipment. We also offer transport services for those guests who are staying in Pärnu - we will pick you up at your accommodation upon request. The price is 60€ per person when starting from Soomaa, 80€ per person with transfer from Pärnu.

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Pärnu Ghost Tour

Throughout Estonia

Do you know which street corner is the most likely place for meeting a humming Medieval monk? Or which is the most haunted building in the summer capital of Estonia? Ghost Tour takes enthusiasts to the most interesting paths and streets in Pärnu. Mystic stories and myths about the dark side of Pärnu create a very different image of the resort town that is usually so sunny. The tour begins by the clock near the fountains on Rüütli square and lasts for an hour. NB! Other time tours take place only if ordered in advance! When coming on a tour, there should be at least 7 of you; however, the more the merrier!

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White Lady Festival

Lääne maakond, Haapsalu linn

12.08.2022 - 14.08.2022

The White Lady Festival has been one of the highlights of the summer in Haapsalu for three decades. During the weekend closest to the August full moon, the Haapsalu old town transforms into a buzzing marketplace, where the vibrant culture programme lasts from dawn to dusk, and upon the setting of the sun, open air performances of the White Lady take place in the bishop's castle. The summer play "100 White Ladies" is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. Inspired by its predecessors from 1979, "100 White Ladies" also tells the story of Maila, a young Estonian girl who meets a lord. Not only is Maila convinced that love is not to be bound by social standing – she is also driven by a strong belief in freedom. Despite repeated warnings from fellow villagers, she rebels against the bishophood in an attempt to change society for the better. Screenwriter Piret Jaaks, stage director Siim Tõniste, music by Peeter Rebane.

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