TOP running events of fall 2017

Photo: Magnus Heinmets

TOP running events of fall 2017

Calling all running addicts! Fall in Estonia is an ideal time to run a marathon or shorter race – the temperatures are mild, the air is fresh and steep hills are few and far between. Combine a holiday in different parts of the country, from Tallinn or Tartu to the island of Saaremaa, with a running event. Tracks take you by the Baltic seaside, into the heart of charming medieval towns and through the autumnal countryside. Give yourself a reason to stay active this fall and a trip to look forward to!


Pärnu maakond, Pärnu linn

01.09.2018 - 02.09.2018

The Two Bridges Run named after rowing legend Jüri Jaanson is probably Pärnu's most famous public amateur sporting event. Every year since 2001 sports enthusiasts have gathered in Pärnu in the beginning of September to run or walk the ca 9000 m course along the Pärnu River.  There is plenty to do for the whole family. The programme includes the run, walk and Nordic walk, children's races, water sports events, canine sports events and the Pärnu Country amateur sports market. 

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SEB Tallinn Marathon 2017

Harju maakond, Kesklinna linnaosa

07.09.2018 - 09.09.2018

The Tallinn Marathon has won a sure place in the competition calendar of runners and has become an attractive destination for running tourists looking for new experiences. About 20 000 running enthusiasts from 54 different countries participated in the 2016 event.   As a tradition, the marathon will take place in every second Sunday of September, this year 10th of September, and the participants will have a choice to run either a marathon (42,195 km) or half-marathon (21,1 km). 10 km and Mesikäpp Children races will take place a day eariler, on Saturday 9th of September. All walkers and Nordic walkers are also welcome to attend the 10 km race. Make sure to attend or come support Nike Run for youth, which will take place a Friday evening, 8th of September. We wish you pleasant running experiences in the capital of Estonia!

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Ultima Thule Marathon in Kuressaare

Saare maakond, Kuressaare

15.09.2018 - 15.09.2018

The author behind the idea of organising an Ultima Thule Marathon is Rasmus Kagge. In December 2015, he proposed the idea at the development conference of Saare County "Ultima Thule – everything is possible at the edge of the world". Madis Kallas, Mayor of Kuressaare, took note and now, Saare County is holding its very own marathon. Two distances are offered for sports enthusiasts: a marathon (42.195 km) and a half marathon (21.1 km). In addition to runners, walkers and Nordic walkers are also welcome to the 21.1 km distance.  

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36th Viking Window Paide – Türi public race

Throughout Estonia

07.10.2018 - 07.10.2018

A popular public sporting event, taking place for the 36th time. It is possible to run different distances and take part in various competitions of varying degrees of difficulty. To learn more about your favorite distance, go to the competition website.

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6th Tartu City Marathon

Tartu maakond, Tartu linn

06.10.2018 - 06.10.2018

Tartu City Marathon track, which runs on the streets of the historical university town, has been considered as the most exciting marathon courses  in Estonia. The following distances are opened: marathon (42 km), half-marathon (21 km) as well as 10 km. On the 10 km distances also the Nordic Walkers are warmly welcome. In addition, special children races are held.

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Saaremaa Three-Day Race

Saare maakond, Kuressaare linn

19.10.2018 - 21.10.2018

The first Saaremaa three-day race was held in 1974, when the distances for women were shorter than those for men. Soon after, all competitors ran the same distance. Now, there is also a race for young participants. A total of nearly 2,000 runners have finished the race at this international event. In the course of three days, contestants run a marathon of 42.195 km. The races on the first and last day will take place in Kuressaare where the tracks are located in the midst of the junipers of Roomassaare as well as the historical buildings in the city centre. The race on the second day is a bit different, as it takes place on the Sõrve Peninsula.

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