Travelxp takes a spin across Estonia

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Travelxp takes a spin across Estonia

Hosts Erica Melargo and Marco Biagioli of Travelxp (Sky Channel 185) took a near 360-degree spin of Estonia's most fascinating destinations in late 2019. The result is a 5-episode series of 25-minute travel shows available globally to over 100+ million homes in 40+ countries and localized in over 10 languages.

The filming of the series started in the Estonian capital city Tallinn, where the crew visited Tallinn Old Town, Telliskivi Creative City, and the newly revamped Noblessner neighborhood. From here they took the course to the east of Estonia – Ida-Virumaa, Aidu Quarry, border city Narva, and the famous Kreenholm Textile Factory. Kreenholm Textile Factory was built in the late 19th century and was the largest factory in the Russian Empire at that time. Today, the factory can be visited with a guide and is slowly being incorporated in the wave of Narva's ongoing cultural revival. Narva, originally a medieval town, should be on the bucket list of those travellers curious about the many layers of modern post-war history.

"The former Kreenholm Textile Factory is a colossal structure in a larger area on the Russian border which make it even more surreal and well worth a visit, it's like walking through a Film Set." – Erica Melargo & Marco Biagoli

Photo by: Travelxp

The next stop for the two hosts was Tartu, home to Tartu University and the science-themed AHHAA Center. Tartu University was established by the Swedish king Gustav Adolf in the 17th century. The main building of Tartu University is definitely a gem of the local architectural landscape, originally built between 1804 and 1809 by the architect Johann Wilhelm Krause.

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After Tartu, the crew ventured out to the indigenous Setomaa to learn more about the Smoke Sauna traditions and the famous Seto Leelo – over a thousand-year-old polyphonic tradition of the Seto. It was added to the UNESCO list of intangible culture in 2009.

"...we never would have imagined that in the world would exist a place where the residents welcome you singing, serve you tea and coffee singing and basically sing for every occasion of the day" – Erica Melargo & Marco Biagioli

Photo by: Travelxp

Last but not least, the travel series will offer you a glimpse of Soomaa National Park – 359 km² of pure, ancient wilderness right in the middle of southwestern Estonia. Soomaa is especially well regarded among bird watchers, attracting a diverse flock of migratory birds each spring.

Last updated : 09.06.2020