UPCOMING: Smoke Sauna Symphony

Source: Mart Vares / Visit Estonia

UPCOMING: Smoke Sauna Symphony

Smoke sauna is a special tradition for centuries. It is not just a sauna, but smoke sauna, and now Estonians have even put it inside a symphony – Estonians can literally sing about everything.

Sauna whisk

Photo by: Visit Estonia / Mart Vares

Smoke Sauna Days in Mooste from 1-4 August will correlate with a local musical event "Smoke sauna symphony". The four-day programme awaits participants from all walks of life.

Visitors will have the chance to get acquainted with the smoke sauna world by using virtual reality glasses. Lectures and excursions provide an opportunity to explore Estonia's legendary smoke sauna culture. Local smoke sauna owners provide guests with the opportunity to take part in their family sauna bathing during a common sauna visit. Many smoke sauna owners around Mooste have already announced their wish to host their guests in a heated sauna. There are a number of popup cafes open at Mooste Manor during smoke sauna days and you can buy souvenirs inspired by smoke sauna culture. There are also sandwiches with smoked meat smoked in the sauna.
Smoke sauna days take place at the same time with the performance of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. This musical production is driven by the ancient smoke sauna tradition, leading viewers to mythical prehistory, where the stones were still soft and the whole world was created in the sauna.

You can read more about the smoke sauna programme at www.savvusann.ee.

Smoke sauna symphony highlights in 2019

  • Inside Mill Theatre

Smoke sauna exhibition: opening of the exhibition introducing the smoke sauna culture still alive in Old-Võromaa on the 1st of August at 17.00. Exhibition will be open August 2-3 at 14.00–18.30 and August 4 at 11.00–15.30.

Smoke sauna visit: using VR-goggles (virtual reality), August 1st at 16.00–18.30, August 2-3 at 14.00–18.30, August 4 at 11.00–15.30

Sauna hostess lecture: Eda Veeroja will present a talk „Smoke sauna in Old-Võromaa then and now". August 2-3 at 17.00–18.30, August 4 at 14.00–15.30

  • Outside Mill Theatre

Sauna heating workshop: sauna Master will talk about heating the sauna and understanding its' soul. August 2-3 at 14.00, 16.00 and 18.00, August 4 at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00

Crafting and binding sauna whisks workshop Auigust 2-3 at 14.00–18.30, August 4 at 11.00–15.30

Photo-op shot: a smoke sauna themed photo-op wall complete with a soapbox stand and AR-goggles (actual reality). August 1 at 16.00–18.30, August 2-3 at 14.00– 8.30, August 4 at 11.00–15.30

  • Inside Linen house and by the folkhouse

Food and drink. Cafe open in the Linen House August 1 at 18.00–21.00. Cafe in the Linen House and a food court by the Folkhouse: August 2-3 at 15.00–21.00, August 4 at 12.00–18.00

Souvenir shop. Souvenirs inspired by smoke sauna culture can be purchased: August 2-3 at 15.00–21.00, August 4 at 12.00–18.00

  • Inside folkhouse 

„Smoke sauna symphony" rehearsal (with audience): August 1 at 19.00. Tickets 7 euros, available from Mooste Manor's Linen House (ph: +372 53 82 49 15) and on-the-door before event.

„Smoke sauna symphony" performances: August 2-3 at 19.00, August  4 at 16.00. Tickets available through Piletilevi and on-the-door before event.

  • Mooste area

Sauna tours. Visiting smoke saunas in Mooste area: August 2-3 at 15.00–17.00, August 4 at 11.00–14.00

Lodging and sauna. Available throughout the Fest duration. Smoke sauna visit 15 euros, pre-booking necessary.

Follow-on event. Non-profit Vanaajamaja (Old Time House) is running an international workshop „Traditional Estonian Log Building with Hand Tools" on August 5-10 2019. Introducing traditional log building by the example of a smoke sauna. The workshop is full, but observers are welcome.

Last updated : 16.07.2019